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James Coulter

Sold - Marcus Miller Fender Jazz Bass CIJ with John East Preamp

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I am selling my Fender Marcus Miller Signature Jazz bass which is in very good condition and will come with a good quality hard case.

This bass was built in Japan in 2006 / 2008 with all the quality of build and finish the Japanese plant is renowned for.

It has been upgraded with a John East Marcus Miller active preamp which cost £210 and gives a far wider range of tones than the standard Fender preamp (most people invest in this preamp).

The controls are Master volume, Pickup pan control, stacked Bass and Treble, Stacked Mid frequency control and mid level and finally the last rotary control pulls out to select Passive mode and then acts as a passive tone control which is very handy to either select passive mode when required or getting out of trouble if the 9v battery dies suddenly.  

The small toggle switch give the option of full pickup panning sweep control or a 50/50 equal pickup balance.

It looks incredible in the natural finish with the all maple neck and fretboard with the neck having the 70's style edge binding and the large position markers, the fret wear is very minimal for a bass of this age.

These basses are no longer made and are becoming rare so are becoming sought after and will hold their value if not increase over time. Weight is 4.5kg which is light for one of these. I recently got the cavity shielded with copper, set up with low action 2mm at the 12th fret with new strings. Also comes with the pickup cover though it isn’t in the photos. Price is £900 plus shipping. Sorry but no trades.







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Yeeeoooow! A fellow Coalisland man on BC! How’s ‘the ‘island’? Still a sh*t h*le 😀

Lovely Bass!

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14 hours ago, krispn said:

Yeeeoooow! A fellow Coalisland man on BC! How’s ‘the ‘island’? Still a sh*t h*le 😀

Lovely Bass!

LOL, I'm a blow in.

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    • By mrfunky
      Hey guys,
      up for sale is my Sire Marcus Miller 5 string, gen 1 - the one with satin neck and satin body.. Ash body, really nice and really light for and ash body (4 - 4.1 kg), well balanced, the best one and lightest one I played. It has all those M7 variable sounds with all the switches for each pick up (series, single coil, parallel) +  very flexible preamp.  Almost perfect shape, couple little scratches + ding on the headstock. Everything works on the bass. Most importantly - It has BOTH battery covers
      If someone would like this bass as a project bass - I can sell just the body and neck as well (200£)..
      I would rather sell...but possible trades / partial trades possible 
      bass: 5 string jazz (of course Vintage Sire jazz is welcomed), Yamaha BB605, BBG5 A/S,  TRB 5, BB1025, BB735
      amp: Tecamp Puma 500/900, Tecamp D1000
      cab: Lightweight 1x10/1x12 cabinet (Eg. Barefaced, Schroeder..)
      pick ups: Nordstrands Soapbars - Big Single 5/ Fat Stack, Dimarzio Ultra Jazz 5..

    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Gibson SB-450 
      Cool and rare Gibson from the '70s. Apparently less then 1.000 were made, so there aren't too many of them around. 

      As you can see from the pictures, the bass has been used. It has a lot of user marks and finish checking all over. The bridge has been replaced (original one in poor condition is still there), as well as the truss rod cover. It should be mentioned that the plastic cover of the bridge pickup has broken at the point where the adjustment screw enters. Someone tried to melt it together again, but its still loose. I've set the hight, and left it this way. 
      Further this bass is in good functional condition. The neck is straight and all hardware and electronics function like they should. 
      This bass plays and sounds great. It has an open, clear and full punchy sound. Not what is usually expected from a Gibson. It's also a very light instrument; my kitchen scale says it's only 3,35 kilos! 
      The original hardcase is included. 
      Asking €1.100 (approx £975)
      Trades are welcome; I am especially interested in a stingray. Ideally a 2eq with lacquered neck, maple fretboard, honeyburst..
    • By bassfan
      2nd bass up.....
      Edit: Price drop  £500  £475.00 (trade value £550) a lot of bass for your money... to coin @AndyTravis phrase “all those sounds in just 8lbs” 😂 Some new pics up to showing how nice the colour is . Have also given the neck a clean and some lemonoil and it’s come up beautifully  (new pic added) 
      A rather lovely precision lyte I acquired in a trade last week. As light as it is, I am just not going to use it at the minute and so it has made the sale list. I also prefer Jazz style necks.
      It is as it came to me and would benefit from some new strings but they are good for now. It’s a black sparkle colour, hard to see in the pics but it’s very nice. It’s made in Japan with an “A” serial number which I believe denotes 85-86, if that’s right (Someone please let me know if that’s different) it’s in great condition! All stock I believe and working as it should do with the p thump and jazz tones, both combined a lovely and warm tone. There’s a small scratch in the lacquer by the jack (see pic), this can’t be seen from the front and a small indent at the 4th fret (see pic) neither detract from how it plays  😃 Happy to send more pics if anyone needs them.
      Comes in a fender padded gig bag.
      Cash is king, but as I’ve been asked about trades: Fender P deluxe (PJ) the one with the jazz neck, not in burst or black.
      Fender Marcus Miller (natural or white) and cash your way  
      Collection or meet is preferred, shipping is possible at buyers cost

    • By IbanezGB10
      For sale my immaculate Sire Marcus Miller, V7, White £395 ono 
      PRICE DROP £375 ono
      I am downsizing (been told to) so my bass is up for sale. To be fair I have only played it twice in 18 months. It is just like brand new. 
      It is a 5 string with an alder body and a ‘C’ shape maple neck.
      Rosewood fretboard
      .34in long scale neck, with medium fret spacing.  
      Marcus super jazz pickups
      46mm width bone nut
      18volt preamp.
      Really nice bass, but not being used. 
      Sadly I need the cash due to lockdown 


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