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A bass solo in a modern Rock song? Heresy!

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So a while ago my band and I were creating a new song and we started writing the bridge...since it was a "jam session" we really had no idea what to throw in there but we wanted to keep it simple since it was pretty much an Alternative Rock song with a basic structure.

Until the drummer turned to us and said "what if we had a bass solo?"

We all laughed at the suggestion but decided to try it out. I stepped on the fuzz pedal and just went to town with some basic licks. Turned out everyone liked it and we decided to keep it in the song. It's really simple and it leads to a "breakdown" of sorts but we thought it sounded alright.

Yesterday we released that song, here it is:


Would appreciate it if you listen to the whole song, but if you want to skip to the "bass solo" part, it starts at 2:33!

Let me know what you think, always open to constructive feedback :) 

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2 hours ago, Newfoundfreedom said:


I love the video too.


2 hours ago, BreadBin said:

That's really good. The video is quality.

Cheers lads, really appreciated! Video indeed looks awesome as well in my humble opinion 😁

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