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SOLD: GK Neo 410 cab (4 Ohm) with Roqsolid cover
Sevenoaks, Kent

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Bought about a year ago, gigged about 6 times when I had a loud drummer to deal with. Haven't used it for a while (switched to a small GB cab) so it needs to go.

Dimensions (inches): 18.5 (D) x 23.5(W) x 26.5 (H)
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Weight: 29 Kg
Power: 800W (GK site says 1000; input plate says 800). 
Drivers: 4 x 10" GK Neos, plus HF with dial attenuation on input plate
4 x factory fitted castors (the tough kind that don't bend) 

Condition is near new (see pics). All drivers really as new, never driven close to hard (it's a very loud cab as the drummer discovered). Roqsolid cover also very good condition, just been in and out of a car a few times. 

I do honestly rate this cab very highly - I've used 410s for years as the cab of choice and never heard a better one. It's ported so there is an abundance of bottom-end available, the mids are really clear and forward, and I turn the horn down to about 1/4 as it has a crazy amount of top if required. I ran it with a GB 900 and always backed bass off a bit, and low mids up a little. Never got the amp past tickover.

There's bi-amp input option. If you happen to see a thread about this cab on TB (less than complimentary) I and several others do not know what the guy was doing but may have had the cab switched bi-amp by mistake. With a decent head and set full-range, this cab sounds just the way a really good neo 410 should. I'll miss it, but I can't keep everything (apparently).

Don't want to attempt to ship this, sorry.
TRADES: I really should sell this but may possibly be tempted by a high-end small cab. I'm thinking 210 or similar, Vanderkley, Bergantino, why. Also wondering about a PJB 47 or similar. But wifey says cash, just so we're all clear about this.









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sold subject to collection & payment

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No interest? Andertons have this listed at £970 or so, and the cover over £50-odd - so it's under half price, and negotiable of course.

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Dropped to £400. This cost the first owner close to a grand, cost me 650, and I chose it over several alternatives, cos it really does sound amazing. Just over-the-top for my needs now. 
Still up for trades with cash adjust as necessary: high end 210, maybe a PJB47 or similar, poss a 112... think posh cabs, won't go far wrong :)

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2 hours ago, livingbasshead said:

Would you take an Ampeg PF-210HE plus cash?

Sorry, not what I am looking for. Vanderkley, poss Bergantino, BF or  similar. Maybe a pjb47 or 45

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    • By HarryWS
      Regrettably selling my Darkglass bass stack.
      The head is the gen 1 Microtubes 900 - in overall good condition with the intelligent footswitch and in its original box. 900w RMS means headroom and volume for days, the tones you get out of it truly are beautiful. The microtubes engine too is the best bass overdrive I’ve ever heard.
      The cab is the DG410C, there are some nicks in the tolex but it’s in otherwise perfect condition. 1000w rated so it can go up to 11 but she’s got some gravity to her. Still, you can lift it on your own - you just wouldn’t want to for very long! Again, it sounds really nice.
      I paid £2,250 for this amp new you could save £1k and pick this one up! 

      14.11.19 update - my car is buggered and I need the cash so no trades. It also means I can’t deliver any more unfortunately.
      Any questions, fire away!

    • By cetera
      Thanks to my new GK endorsement I've just received one of the first GK Legacy800's to hit the UK! Can't wait to give this amp a good workout thru my 2x12. It sounded great when I demo'd it a few weeks back.... 😉
      Also picked up an SKB 12x12 soft case to carry it in 🙂

    • By andybassdoyle
      For sale, my Helix LT. Awesome machine, sounds are great and the routing/control options are fantastic.
      Will add some pics shortly but condition is excellent, just the usual minor marks and a bit of dust from use. Has been gigged but lives on a board in a mono case so well looked after.
      Boxed with power cable. I'm in Norwich but happy to ship, I'm guessing around £20 in the UK, further afield is ok but I've no idea on pricing.
      Firmware is 2.8 - I believe they have just released 2.81 but I've not got into that yet....
    • By simonroberts788
      Nicknamed The Planet Destroyer, this dreamy cab produces an extremely pleasing warm and thick tone. It's a sealed, infinite baffle cabinet with no ports, like the Ampeg fridges, which means you're just getting the pure sound of the speakers with no flappy woof. Moving it around is actually fine - you just tip it back and wheel it around - I replaced the casters with equivalent heavy duty types as the originals were shot. It's easy to get into the car too - just wheel it up to the tailgate, tip it up and slide it in. You'll need a bandmate to help you get it up the back stairs of the venue, but that would still be the case with a 4x10 and this obviously sounds twice as big!! Having speakers up at chest height is just great for monitoring too. There's something magical about the feeling of it behind you - it doesn't need to be that loud, it just moves so much air. Fall in love with the bass again!! All original speakers, GK bi-amp feature, horn attenuator. This cab is literally indestructible. Only selling as i've just got a GK Neo 412 as I fancied a change. The 8x10 is warmer and thicker but the 4x12 is just a bit smaller and lighter.
      I'd prefer collection from St Agnes in Cornwall but if you can arrange shipping then go for it. Shiply can be very reasonable for stuff like this. When I bought it the shipping was £50. You can even come and try it with your head at my rehearsal space.

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