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la bam

SOLD G&L sb2 tribute
Leyland Lancashire

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For sale is my G&L sb2 tribute in black.

This is a bass I bought in bits, but I've put back together.

It was rough when I got it, and I sanded it down and re sprayed etc. As usual I ran out of patience and started spraying before completely smooth.

The bass body looks rough when up close but fine from a distance. I've included pics to show both.

I've also fitted aluminium tape shielding under he scratchplate. I did lose some screws on the pick ups so just put some normal screws in which can be easily replaced.

It sounds great. Really good. 

It could do with a bit of a set up to reduce string height at the neck pick up side.

Comes with a nearly new set of d'addrio xls on.

Ideal for a quality backup or main bass, or playing around the house. If anyone wants to take it to bits and finish the job theres a real bargain waiting. 

I've played this in our tribute band, so I know it's good.

Pick up only - Leyland, Lancashire.


These are around £560 new if you can find one.







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