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Hotone Nano Thunder Bass / Valeton TAR-20B

Which one is better?  

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  1. 1. Which one is better?

    • Hotone Nano Thunder Bass
    • Valeton TAR-20B
    • Both suck
    • Both great

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Hi everbody!

Has anyone heard of these two mini amp heads?  Are they any good?  I'm thinking of buying one but wanted to get some opinions first.  Bit of background - I play a fretted and a fretless 5 string, mainly in my tiny spare room so the smaller the better.  The portability of these things is a plus so I can take it room to room easily and plug in some headphones if I need to.




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I hear good things about the Hotone. I haven't tried one myself, but I recently got my hands on one of their B Station preamp + DI pedals, and I've been rather impressed by that. The headphone socket was a massive plus for me too! Haven't tried it in a rehearsal or live setting, but for home practise and recording it's been very useful.

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I have the Hotone thunder bass , somewhere .... >.<  moving is a bi***  but i remember it actually sounding very reasonable  a little SVT ,  if a little hissy into my old trace elliot 15 inch cab  could have easily been bad connections or power ... for the hiss , for headphone practice  pretty perfect ...  but wouldnt you just be better off using a laptop , some IR responses and a cheap interface.

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Got a Hotone Thunder bass driving my Hartke HD112, unbelievable! Sound like an mini SVT and has so much presence. I love it :D

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    • By attackbass
      Warwick Hellborg Preamp in very good condition and full working order £600 plus delivery

      Warwick Hellborg Preamp: All lights and switches working. Incredible, clear and warm sounding EQ and very detailed, pristine selectable post/pre EQ DI out. Also features an effects loop with wet/control and a tuner out.

      The little metal surround on the power switch is missing, but not hugely noticeable and does not affect the functionality of the unit.

      Hellborg Club Cab - Sold Pending 

      Club Cab 1x15 8ohm Speaker Cab: in excellent condition and full working order. This cab is full range and unlike usual 1x15 cabs. It's very tight, open and punchy. Includes Hellborg dustcover that has a little bit of wear and removable castors.
      Hellborg Lo Cab - Sold Pending 

      Lo Cab 1x15 8ohm speaker Cab: in excellent condition, this has only be used in the house on just a few occasions and is in the same condition as it was when it came out of the box. This is more like your traditional 1x15 bass cab but still very nice and warm sounding. Combined with the Club Cab the sound is incredible as they're designed to work together. Includes Hellborg dustcover and removable castors.

      Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
      Poweramp has sold. 



    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I am pondering on getting either the Mooer Radar or the HoTone IR Cab cab simulator pedal for going direct.
      They both got a ton of features and both supports use of 3rd party IR's.
      The HoTone got more bass cabs to chose from from stock though, and while they are both using 24 bit digital audio resolution, the HoTone does use slightly higher sample rate 48 vs. 44.1KhZ for the Mooer.
      The Mooer got 11 mic types to chose from and 4 poweramp types, while the HoTone got 10 mic types and 8 poweramp types, and while the Mooer got a dedicated EQ function,that allows you to chose from either a guitar or a bass specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a a fully parametric 4 band one, both kinds including a HPF and LPF, , the HoTone doesn't have a dedicated EQ function.
      The HoTone has a maximum truncation time (IR sample length) of 20ms,  the same number for the Mooer, with the newest firmware update, is 23,2ms.
      For some reason, even if I don't really have much to base that assumption on, to me the HoTone seems of slightly higher quality, despite actually being slightly cheaper (I might be completely wrong though, a dedicated EQ section would definitely be a nice addition, which the Mooer got, and I am probably going to load whichever pedal I end up buying with some third party IR of the exact cab I want anyway, so the HoTone having more stock options for bass cab simulations might not be all that much of a real advantage after all).
      So to sum up what seems to be in each pedals respectively favor over the other:
       HoTone IR Cab:
      - More stock IR bass cab simulations
      - Double as many poweramp models than the Mooer (8 vs 4)
      -  It utilizes an ever so slightly higher sample rate (48kHz vs. 44,1kHz)
      - Allows to easily swap between different saved presets on the fly with your foot (though I personally will have absolutely no use for this)
      - (Not sure if the Mooer doesn't have this in some form as well, but it seems like the HoTone has a form of room ambience simulation too that can be applied in more or lesser degree)
      - (Also seems to allow for a bit more precise mic placement/disstance than the Mooer, but again not 100% sure if this is correct)
      - Slightly higher maximum IR sample length (23,2ms vs 20ms)
      - Got 1 more mic model
      - Has a dedicated stand alone EQ function, both a bass and a guitar specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a fully parametric 4 band EQ, both kinds including a LPF and HPF.
      Both features 24bit digital audio quality, both allows for use of 3rd party IR's, both allows you to chose from several different microphone models and types, as well as the volume, position and distance of the mics, or choosing not to have the cab miked up all together, as well as both allows you to chose from different emulated poweramp sections, and tweakable input, output and presence controls for these, as well as you have the option for choosing between different tube types, or chose not to use a poweramp emulation at all.
      Anyone with more knowledge about these two pedals, or even first hand experience, who can advice me on which one I probably would be best off buying? 
      Other suggestions at about the same price tag are welcome too.
    • By jay bass
      Hartke L500 Bass amp
      In used but excellent condition
      This amp has been well looked after , always been in a rackmounted case and kept in a clean and dry environment when not in use.
      The amp is in perfect working condition
      Everything works as it should .
      This realy is a great bass amp , plenty of power and tone to get any
      Bass sound you want , its also able to drive any bass cabs down to 4 ohms
      My only reason for selling is that I have downsized my equipment to
      A bass combo , so this is surplus to requirements.
      Comes with the 2u rack case included and original manual.
      Please check my other items for sale
      I have some other Bass  related items for sale
      Collection welcome , you are welcome to try it before buying .
      I am located in cambs PE285AP for collection or will post if preferred.
      Can post to uk mainland for£18 full insured via Parcelforce 48
      From Hartke
      The LH500, , has a classic 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design with a solid-state output. Developed with the HyDrive cabs in mind, the LH500 also has more than enough power and tone control to drive any cabinet on the market. This amp provides you with Treble and Bass Shelving to give its warm tone a little edge. Or use the brite and limiter switches to further sculpt your sound. Its intuitive front panel also makes adjustments on the fly a breeze. The LH500 packs a big punch in a portable, roadworthy package. A two-rackspace metal frame chassis, steel faceplate and handles allow for easy, safe transport from gig to gig. With the needs of modern bass players largely centered around volume and versatility, the LH500 is an ideal solution that gives you plenty of options to create the exact sound you're looking for
      ·         500 watts of power @ 4 ohms
      ·         Classic 12AX7 High Voltage Class-A tube preamp circuit
      ·         Bass and Treble Shelving, plus mid-peak EQ controls
      ·         Selectable brite switch for added high frequency response
      ·         Selectable limiter switch with LED indicator
      ·         Front panel XLR balanced direct output
      ·         Rear panel 1/4-inch effects loop
      ·         1/4-inch output connectors
      ·         Two-rackspace metal chassis with steel faceplate and handles

    • By MarshallBTB
      Selling this as I'm feeling a change of amp coming up. 
      Letting it go cheap as although it's working fine, the plastic front plate is kinda ruined. Bits broken off and cracks as you can see in the photos. It's been used a lot!

      I belive the front plates are replaceable via mark bass.
      Comes with gig bag and I have the rack ears for this too. 
      I can post in the UK for £15.

    • By basstone
      Marshall 200 Dynamic bass system combo, Completely refurnished to better than new condition, recovered with black satin Tuffcoat paint, new corners and all metal handles. Originally a 4 x 10 but the speaker has been upgraded to a Beyma SM212 12" driver which works well in this rear ported cab. The original crossover and piezo treble horn have been retained with the rear panel horn volume control. Great sounding solid amp featuring mixable solid state and warm valve preamp, graphic eq and built in compression. The amp is rated at 200W but the power amp design allows 400W peak output which should be adequate for most situations.

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