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Graham A

Genzler Magellan 800 power cable help??

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 I was wondering if someone who has a Genzler Magellan amp could help me & have a look at what power supply lead was supplied with the unit.

 I usually keep it separate in my amp bag, but my son has been across this afternoon to PAT test our gear & put all the kettle leads into our PA box. There's a newish looking one with a 3 amp fuse & i was wondering if it was that one??

If someone who has a Magellan could have a look for me or better still take a photo of said lead i would be grateful.

Cheers Graham 


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I’d guesstimate your amp could pull 800W / 240V = 3.33A, even more than that at peak, so your cable might have a bigger fuse than that perhaps?

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The fuse in the lead is for protecting the lead not the amp, so you'll be fine using a standard IEC cable with a 13A fuse in. The internal fuse of the '800 is a T6.3A - so the nearest value of off-the-shelf fuse you're going to get is either 5A or 10A for the plug, should you feel you want to match it.

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Cheers, hopefully someone who's got a Magellan will come along soon & be able to confirm the PSU.

This is why I usually keep the cable pertaining to my amp in my amp bag. Lol.

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