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SOLD. Squier VM Precision bitsa project
Blackburn BB22SH

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A bit of a bitsa which needs little work to get fully on the road. It all works now but could be better. VM body, neck and tuners, unknown pups (but sound good to me), unknown loom and knobs. Generic high mass bridge with 2 chrome and 2 brass saddles. Wrong bridge screws. The pups and the guard don't match in size and so the pups don't raise as far as they should. I don't really know if it's odd sized pups or the guard. However, a little filing of the pup holes on the guard would rectify this. The loom etc are a mish mash of bits that I've had lying around for years.

There's a few light depressions on the body but very difficult to photograph. Single ply black guard.

Very light Precision. The lightest I've ever owned, I can't give an exact weight yet as I've mislaid the bathroom scales? Must be around 7 1/2lb if not lighter. Certainly noticeable difference to my JV that weighs 8 1/2lb.

To be honest, if you were after a lightweight P body, this one would be worth the money on it's own. I'll also be removing the straplocks and replacing the originals.

Will post with the neck off at the buyers cost and risk. Or preferably collect and trial / possible meet depending on distance.









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