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My gig rig is now complete...

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My gig rig is now complete following the purchase of a 15" GK cabinet for £44 off of eBay (I sh*t you not).  It works great... I even have the GK bi-amping running on it too.

Hopefully I can convince the wife that we no longer need to use the front door... it fits so well in that little niche there.  And if the police come to follow-up on the noise complaints, the cabinet stack makes for a nice barricade! 


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    • By pajhartley
      Gallien-Krueger GK-700RB Mark II bass amplifier, in superb condition with hard rack/carry case.   I got this as a trade, tested to check full working order (check!). It's in great nick, and comes with the front handles.   Collection only from Bournemouth, or I will drive for a contribution to fuel, up to 100 miles, contribution to be agreed before I travel. I'm often in Seaford (near Brighton) over the next week, so I'll deliver along the A/M27 for nothing. I won't post this because of the fragility/weight.   Looking for £450.

    • By tvickey
      One of the new tracks that we recorded in the studio just aired on the New Music Saturday Show.  Bass was an LX4 Warwick Streamer (the custom-made black stealth) into a GK Legacy 800 head.  Have a listen via the link below.  The track is 'Ground Down' by Before They Are Hanged and starts at 140:01 (scroll down and you can jump into the podcast right where the track starts):
    • By tvickey
      I just put some D'Addario nylon tapewound strings on my Warwick Streamer.  I'd never tried any strings like these before and I normally play with roundwounds. 
      These are silky smooth to the touch... like playing with a silk glove on the hand.  Very warm and thumpy.  I tend to be a fast and heavy pick player, and was worried that I would simply tear them apart when I play, but they seem to be really robust. 
      However, the tapewounds are a lot more quiet than the roundwounds that I just took off... but I have a GK Legacy with 800 Watts and there is plenty of headroom... so I just turn up the volume.  It's a bit of an experiment, but I have to say that I'm quite pleased with these strings at the moment and they gave me a very good first impression.

    • By tvickey
      Here's a photo of my new Warwick GPS Streamer LX (Maple Nirvana Black Satin) purchased from the folks at Peach Guitars (in Colchester), as well as the used Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II head that I just purchased from Dave (dmccombe7).  
      A huge THANK YOU to Dave, who did next day shipping on the head for me.  It's in pristine condition, included the original box (I like to keep those too), manual and some personal tips from him.  Sounds amazing together with the Warwick and GK 410 RBH cabinet (purchased from Thomann online a while back).
      I really, really like the sound of this 1001RB... 

    • By Jateca
      Only used for light gigging and in a rehearsal room. Selling due to smaller size requirements. No significant abrasions, marks, dents etc. Wheels is great condition, smooth rolling

      4x12 neo speakers so very light for a cab this size. Easy to get about thanks to build in wheels, tilt bar and wooden runners on the back for lying flat in transit. Can lift its weight comfortably by myself, 2 people make it super easy.

      Works with GK's Biamp system or just a regular full range amp (switch on back panel) with Speakon or jack connections

      4 Ohms, 1200 watt, huge sound for a single cab, 12-inch speakers give a nice balance between 10" punch and 15" boom

      Pick-up from Liverpool city centre only since the thing is realistically too big to ship!

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