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SOLD! SOLD: Ashdown MAG 300 watt C115 1x15 bass combo £80 o.n.o.
Littlehampton West Sussex

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Ashdown Mag C115-300 1x15 bass combo - SOLD elsewhere. 

I'm looking for £SOLD or near offer please.

This is one of the early and more sought after 'made in England models' and whilst its not in the prettiest external condition, it has a great tone and is very punchy and loud, so is perfect for rehearsals and small pub & club gigs, which is what I've used it for since I bought it locally 6 months ago.

The trademark Ashdown VU meter does work, as does everything else, though a couple of the pots are a bit scratchy and could do with a good clean..

The e.q. is very easy to use and offers plenty of scope for shaping your tone and the sub-octave feature offers a subtle but useful extra tonal feature..

As can be seen in the photos, the switch for the sub-octave function is missing but this does not affect usage. I have kept it permanently switched in and used the pot to dial in the effect as required..

All in all, its a very good bass combo that has sounded good with every bass I've tried it with, including both 4 and 5 string basses - in fact, it copes really well with the low B string and even more so if you add an additional 8 ohm cab.. Then things get really interesting because this amp has a lot of power for such a small unit!! 😊

I'm only selling because I've recently bought some more amps and have now got too much gear (apparently). Plus it'd be nice to reclaim a bit of space at home so I can get on with the decorating! 😐 But that's a whole other story.. 😁

I'm based in Littlehampton, West Sussex and would be very happy for anyone interested to come and try this out in person.. Alternatively, I could be persuaded to post by insured courier (at buyers expense) if absolutely necessary, but this is quite a heavy combo so I'm not sure it will be easy to package up safely for transit. Anyway, happy to discuss if you're really interested.. 

If you have any questions, please contact me here or via PM and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as I can.

Thanks for looking as ever. 😊











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SOLD elsewhere.

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I have an Evo 11 180 combo in the living room - great little combo, ideal for practicing - nowhere near as good as this though.

I was not unhappy paying more than £80...

Somebody's getting a real bargain here.


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2 hours ago, TheGreek said:


I have an Evo 11 180 combo in the living room - great little combo, ideal for practicing - nowhere near as good as this though.

I was not unhappy paying more than £80...

Somebody's getting a real bargain here.


Thanks Mick, 

It's a great little combo and really surprised me when I got it - very full sounding, easy to use and extremely loud for its size.. 

The reason I've priced it as at £80 is because its a bit tatty cosmetically and could do with a little bit of tlc really.. 

Especially when compared to the one Geoff has just sold, which looked almost like new! 


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      I have an Ashdown Little Bastard 30w valve head that I am trying to pair with an Aguilar DB112 for home studio work and was wondering about what other LB users settings are.

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      I bought this amp some years ago as a back-up to my main amp. Although I gigged it a few times,  whilst my main amp was in for a service, it has only seen a maximum of 4 gigs. It then became amp 3,4,5 and so on. In the meantime I spent some money on it purchasing (well over £100.00 and your gain as the amp has hardly been used since) - all direct from Ashdown
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      a new leather handle
      padded cover 
      x2 pedals  - change between the various options A - EQ on/off, pre set signature Ashdown sound & B Valve Drive and Sub Octave
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      Please note current PAT test sticker ( I have ALL my gigging equipment PAT tested yearly as I play so many venues that first ask for Public Liability Insurance and PAT test docs). If you require tech specs then there are lots on line, or more detailed photos, please PM me and I'll ping them over. I put reflective stickers on the two foot pedals so I knew what was what  on stage - they can easily be removed - but this highlights the availability of choice of the  EQ section, the Ashdown Pre-set tone option, Valve Drive and Sub Octave to you mid performance.
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