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Tune Bass Maniac 1986 MIJ - WITHDRAWN
Southampton, uk

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High quality Tune Bass Maniac 4 string bass. MIJ in 1986. The bass maniacs were the originators of the whole Ibanez SR and Nanyo SGC shape basses. I bought this bass from its first owner 3 or 4 years ago.

Very high quality MIJ bass. 2 piece Ash body with a massively thick quilted maple (I think) top. Neck is skinny, 3 piece laminated maple. Tuners are original and of high quality. Total bass weight is an extremely comfortable 3.3kg.

It has a brass nut. Frets show almost no wear, which is incredible. Not sure what they are made of. The neck is straight and true with no significant dings or scrapes. Plays very nicely indeed.

The Tune preamp has been removed (I am not a fan of Tune electronics anyway), and has been replaced with passive wiring, giving you volume for each pickup, master treble cut and a master bass cut. It works really, really well actually.

Played acoustically, the bass is very resonant and a testament to its build of the highest quality woods. The bridge is the standard massive MIJ Tune affair.

Now we get to the pickups which you will have noticed instantly.  Built originally as a PJ (these are not the original Tune pickups - again I think these are better than the originals, despite being "no-name" pickups) I have routed a new socket for the DG part of the P pickup to be mounted on the neck side of the EA part, to make it a reverse P pickup. IMO it sounds much better and balanced this way as originally the DG part of the P pickup is too close to the bridge pickup for me, sonically. In the original DG rout is half a cheap P pickup to make it look nice. You could obviously easily swap it back again to the original "standard" P orientation if you wanted.

The DG P pickup rout is admittedly not perfect with a little bit of lacquer chipping around the edge but you have to look relatively close to see it.

I have also put a small rosewood thumb rest to give you a bit more option in thumb placement as the P pickup is slightly too near the bridge for my ideal hand placement.

The general finish of the body is still wonderful for a 33 year old bass. There are a few small dents which I have tried to show in pictures but overall the impression is of a pretty tidy bass.

THe bass sounds absolutely wonderful and the neck is just a dream for me. However, I am selling it as I just can't get my right hand comfortable on this body shape whatever I do. Ergonomically it just ain't gonna fit me. I now also have too many basses so something must go.

Make no mistake this is not at all comparable with the MIK Bass Maniacs or the SGC Nanyo Bass Collection range and is much higher quality.

This is a difficult bass to price as it is high quality but is rare and is quite altered from original.

I think £225 posted in mainland UK is a decent price for such a great instrument, and a piece of history to boot. Payment by cash or Paypal gift please. Please see my extensive feedback here too. If you want to come and see it, I live near Southampton.

Price would be a bit less for collection1156956983_bodyfront.thumb.jpg.f5c94656f7b0319060a6130048bbded1.jpg.


hstock front.jpg



body rear.jpg


neck 1.jpg

neck 2.jpg

neck 3.jpg

hstock rear.jpg

dents front.jpg

dents back.jpg

top thickness.jpg

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If I was playing fretted basses... hey ho.

Hamfist is one of the good guys, deal with confidence :)

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