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F Bass VF5 `60 purchase advice

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Looking for some hype or not :)

Today I will have an opportunity to look touch smell and finally play F-Bass VF5. Second owner made in 2008 year. Not so mint after few gigs signs scratches at the back. I think price is good? 1880 gbp or 2100€. Recently bought Sadowsky RV5 I’m curious if its different beast. I also own 5str Fodera Monarch and Sputnik which I’m trying to sell ....  Any owners or fans? Is it a good price .. and great instrument? Any advices? Thank You..:)





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Undoubtedly a great quality build, I've owned a couple of F basses although not a VF. Looking at the controls, the electrics will be the same as the BN5s.

I had a little lacquer problem on both basses regarding some crazing but apart from that, were incredibly well built. Price-wise, I  would personally  want something without huge scratches for that price but, if you like the mojo and it plays well. Why not? They can be a little on the heavy side but, they have a huge tonal palette which is always beautifully balanced across the strings and a really nice feel to the low B.

Give it a try, you may just love it.

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Hi! I am a bit late here. I am curious about your decision - I am lookimg for a 5 string Fbass or Fodera myself. Did you get the f bass? How did it compare to your fodera (aaand, are you selling yours? Hehe)

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