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NAD EBS Reidmar 750

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Bought the EBS head from our guitarist last night after trialing thru rehearsals. He played bass in a previous band but only used it about 3 times. Perfect condition, lightweight head in immaculate condition. Kings it’s one powerful amp. Gain at 1 o’clock and almost flat the master was just off the bottom at maybe 8 o’clock ish altho I was using the drive to see what a bit of overdrive sounds like in the mix. Def fills the sound out a fair bit. 

Ideal back up for my Mesa head if ever required. I’m pretty chuffed. Have used the EBS HD360 heads before in studios and nice sound.

Very wide ranging EQ on them.

Took a fair bit on the comp knob to see it come in now and again when hitting hard maybe about 2-3 o’clock ish. 

All good tho.


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Should have done. Not sure what was going thru my head 😀

Maybe the mods can move for me.

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