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Played a white one once and got close to purchase. Then noticed the neck was a bit twisted and walked away - good old Music Ground “nah mate - it’s a characteristic” 

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1 minute ago, MirrorMan said:

..... mine must be a rare 'straight neck' version!

Yeah - absolutely, it was a great sound. And felt lovely. 

Music Ground were crooks, unfortunately.

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Iremember their ads... always loads of interesting stuff.. but I don't think they were too bothered where it all came from.


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    • By ChrisJaxon
      I was quite pleased how the old Shergold sounded in this recording. Great song too!
    • By fangio
      So, I last appeared here in 2012 selling my Shergold Marathon Bass - to Nick I think.. (might be in the market to buy that back if I can twist his arm ! - and he still has it)
      At the time I hadn't gigged for years, and wasn't really keen to play alone... Migrated to 6 strings with my old Macaferri Gypsy Acoustic, then via an Epiphone Dot, subsequently upgraded to a Gibson 339, and added a Baja Tele, and American Strat...
      Sometime in 2016 having a drunken conversation I was persuaded to "Get the Band Back Together" - Our guitarist was '50 and anxious to gig again whilst he still could - I'd initially assumed I would be playing guitar.. but no-one else wanted to so I ended up bagging the Bass Place..
      Acquired a Reverend Dub-King in Orange.. short scale - persuading myself that it was easier to swap between that and a 6 string without getting disorientated and also appropriate for my daughters small hands as she was just getting into guitars.. The Dub-King is a cool bass.. with a great variety of Tone.. still have it, and love it - though not getting played loads now.
      Amplification is a Mark Bass New York Combo - can't speak highly enough of this, and there's an old  Rozz compressor, Boss tuner, Digitech Luxe, MXR Octave, and Mr Black FwonkBeta on my pedal board.
      Got back into a Standard scale bass with an American Precision - white with a maple neck (After going in to buy a high end Jazz Bass and picking up the P bass just as a comparison)... Finding the single Pick-up simplicity utterly liberating - though I do play with the tone knob a bit.
      Done a few gigs now as we all just got the bug again - but as we've all got day jobs - It's one big party gig a year + the odd special event - theres no appetite for regular gigging - but we are all keen to get to be better players.
      Whilst I've got a bit of time off before the next one I was going to experiment with Flats... What's the consensus - do these go on the Reverend - or the Fender ?
      And working on my "BassFace".....accused of this by my daughter... basically when I'm well into my groove, my expression looks like I'm having a stroke...apparently... though photos seem to confirm... Anyone else suffer ?
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      I am unable to find the photos/ diagrams that used to be posted here of the Hooky upgrade (I think it involved removing a capacitor) for the Shergold Marathon 6.  Any chance a kind soul around here has those?
      Thank you!
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