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Big Price Drop! Fodera Emperor 6 Standard

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New Price:  £4400 

I decided to sell my beautiful Fodera Emperor 6 Standard. Bought new in 2014,  i am the first owner. The Bass is in great condition, almost like new. The specs can be found on the Fodera website (link below) -  it is exactly this instrument - Fodera E6S # 001. The photos on Fodera’s website are also much nicer than mine;)


The bass weighs only 9,8lb (4.45kg) according to my luggage scale and it comes with the original Fodera case in mint condition. I am in germany, but shipping to most  EU countries is no problem. No trades at the moment !

Let me know if you would like to see any details or have some sound files. I am also happy to answer any question. 

Thanks for watching !





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Good heavens! What a lovely bass. And in Fodera terms what appears to be a reasonable price. GLWTS

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    • By lawriemacmillan
      Stunning singlecut bass made in the Fodera workshop in Brooklyn, NYC.
      2009 build.
      Buckeye top. Walnut body. Ebony fingerboard.
      Fodera/Duncan singlecoil pickups with buckeye covers and matching ramp.
      Extended B string.
      26 'frets'.
      34" scale.
      19mm string spacing at the bridge.
      48m nut width.
      Fodera premium padded gig bag.
      Excellent overall condition. Some minor surface bumps which are unnoticeable unless closely inspected.
      3 band EQ with selectable mid requency selector and coil tap switches.
      I will consider pre-CBS Fender Jazz and Precision basses as trade options.
      The bass is now residing in The Bass Gallery, in Camden, London where it can be viewed and played. They have suggested finance options for paying in installments too.


    • By Steve_M
      I've decided to move my Fodera on, as it's just not getting the love these days. It's at The Bass Gallery in Camden, London, as they are commission selling it on my behalf - so can be viewed and played there if you want to.
      It was purchased from The Bass Gallery new, by me - I'm the only previous owner.
      It's an early Std bolt on model, before they introduced the current 'flat headstock' style standards with a string tree. It's basically a custom Fodera with a slightly smaller headstock, 2 band 18v Pope preamp, bolt on (but with body contouring at the neck pocket). Beautifully understated bass that plays like butter! I wish I could keep it just hanging on the wall but sadly not an option 😞
      Subtle Flame maple front
      Mahogany body c/w ebony veneer insert
      3 piece rock maple bolt on 24 fret neck with tilted headstock and matching ebony veneer. MoP Fodera butterfly inlay.
      Rosewood Fingerboard with MoP inlays
      Brass nut
      Gold hardware
      EMG Active P/J Pups
      Pope 18v 2 band preamp - Vol with pull passive/Blend/Bass cut-boost/Treble cut-boost
      Ernie Ball inset straplocks
      Fodera teardrop standard hard case
      It's in very nice condition, but does have one small 'scuff' on the inside of the lower horn and some very small marks on the top of the headstock.

      Looking for £3,250

      Thanks for reading - feel free to PM me with any questions. For price negotiations, trade in talk, etc - please contact the guys at The Gallery.

    • By fclef4life
    • By Cleanhead
      massive price drop: 5.600,- EUR to 4.990,- EUR / 4.480,- GBP
      open for offers
      a rose is a rose is a rose ... is just
      And this is one of the most incredible basses I ever had the chance to call it one of mine.
      Stuning, marvellous, an absolutely work of art.
      It´s is a Jerzy Drozd Mastery VI
      Absolutley no chips or dents, like brand new. Cause it is like brand new.
      But ...
      Long story short:
      I bought this bass last year in september from Jesus Rico from spain. Originally the bass was a fretless one with a natural color.
      Unfortunately sometimes later the truss rod broke.
      So there was no other possibility to sent the bass to master luthier Jerzy Drozd to repaire it.
      As you can see, this bass is a neck through version, so not only the fretboard has to be removed to fix the truss rod, after that, the bass had to be completely repainted.
      I´d decided to gave her a new color and turn it to a fretted version. Drozd suggested to chance the pickup to the newest version, too.
      So what do you see here right now, is an instrument that´s like a new one direct out of the workshop from Jerzy Drozd, but the woods are originaly assembled in 2005, the fretboard, fretwork, pickup and color are brand new.
      The entire repair costs were: 2.798,- EUR (bills available)
      Why do I sell her right now.
      I own three Ritter basses, a sixer and two fivers. When the Drozd came back from repair I put my Ritter´s beside and played the Drozd for a while - only at home, no band pratice, no gig -, than I take my Ritter 6 String Classic and after seconds one thing was abolutly clear. The Ritter still the bass for me, in every aspect. The Drozd will allways be like a back up, it´ll be never played on stage or in a band, I´ll allways take my Ritter. And last but not least I am not a collector. That´s it.
      Some specs at least:
      originaly from 27.09.2005 completly refurbished between Dez. 2018 - Mai 2019 Etimoe (a kind of mahogany) body wings laminated maple neck through body design (2 carbon extra reinforcement bars) birdseye burl maple top with matching head stock extended 32 frets maple board brass nut special custom body design Aguilar obp3, 18 volts preamp Custom Jerzy Drozd JEDX humbucker with maple wood cover Recessed wood knobs weight: 4,3kg on the bathroom scale Original Jerzy Drozd case Price: 5.600,- EUR / 5.010,- GBP (negotiable) 4.990,- EUR / 4.480,- GBP
      open for your offer
      location: Mainz, germany
      and here, a short snippet. Recorded quick and dirty. Bass direct into a Scarlett Solo. Recorded with GarageBand. No EQ or anything else.
      On the bass: Treble half way down, Middle and Bass half up.
      Quick and dirty
      And one more: Direct into the Scarlett Solo, too. Recorded with GarageBand, no EQ-ing or something else.
      At the end of the clip you can hear the strings played separately
      50 ways
      trade option: Mike Lull 5 string basses, a nice P-Bass, Glockenklang Blue Sky, Mesa Boogie Walkabout
      sorry for my bad english

    • By nickmew
      Or slightly more likely a chinese copy. Though for the supposed parts and nice top wood could be worth a punt if you're in the US
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