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ON HOLD PENDING. 2008 USA Musicman Stingray 2 band 4 string. Natural finish, maple neck, original case. Excellent condition.

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Trade possible for basically anything Fendery. Could be Jazz or P, Mex, Jap with cash my way or USA. Would prefer a USA deluxe P or J.

Up for grabs is my 2008 (not 2011 as originally stated) USA Musicman Stingray in natural gloss finish with waxed maple neck. It’s in superb condition with only a few small dings to the top of the headstock and one small surface impression to the left of the pickup. 

This is the 2 band eq version which, according to many on this very parish, is preferred to the 3 band. It does sound and play brilliantly after its new strings and set up.

It’s just had a full pro set up including minor fret level (it didn’t need much off), fret re-crown and polish, relief set, new bone nut, new rotosound 45-105 strings, intonation set and action set nice and low. The neck has also been cleaned and re-waxed and it is so smooth to play. There are a few minor indentations on the back of the neck but barely noticeable.

Weighing in at 4.2kg and with a 43mm nut width, it’s a fantastic classic sounding Stingray and comes with Schaller locking strap buttons, the original Musicman case and strap locks will be included. 

I will ship it insured in the UK with UPS or it can be collected. I could also deliver it within 75 mile radius of Chester. I can ship it abroad but will be extra.

Thanks for looking.














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8 minutes ago, cloudburst said:

The title and post are somewhat misleading.

This is a Stingray - not a Stingray Classic.


Oops. I shall rectify that straight away.....

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8 hours ago, lloyd said:


Are you interested in any trades?



I’d prefer a straight sale but I never say never to a trade. Depends what you have? Drop me a PM with any trade offer please.

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