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Hey does anyone know where I can sorce Warwick bass strings quickly? At the moment they seem to be a pre order or days before delivery? Spike in popularity? Anyway looking for next day delivery. Pref 5 string stainless 

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I've got a couple of packs of these at home and I am really looking forward to getting them finished and away! I presume you've tried them before to know if you like them? 

I really hate the rough feel of them (and I say this as someone who exclusively plays rounds and has no time for flats or other rubbish, elastic band type strings). I've got a set on my Bogart Blackstone at the moment and I can barely be enthused to change them out for the next set of Warwick Red Labels. They seem to go dead so quickly too, which is unusual for me as I don't really get sweaty hands and so my strings tend to do alright. 

There is certainly a place in the market for cheap, effective bass strings but these aren't it for me. I remember trying some 'Elites' out a few years ago that were about half the price of everything else on the shelf (weren't they a Bass Centre own brand at one point?). I'll stick to Spector and DR in future, I think...


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I get mine from Thomman as no-one sells the black label strings in the gauges I use in the U.K.    Annoyingly, the last two sets I’ve bought had a dead string :(

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    • By gorandelac
      Hi all, I'm selling my Alembic MK Signature Deluxe with Coco Bolo top, so here is little about the bass.
      Bass has no scratch, no belt buckle scratch, it's almost as brand new, as you can see from pics.
      Scale: 34"
      String spacing: 19 mm
      Fingerboard: Ebony with abalone
      Top: coco Bolo
      Back: Coco Bolo
      Body: Mahogany with maple and purplehearth as accent woods
      Neck: Maple with Purple Hearth stringers
      Finish: clean gloss with satin finish on the neck
      weight: 5.7 kg (with 5 9v batteries that goes into the bass, 4x for LED)
      Electronics: volume, pan, 2x filters, 2x q switches, 1x LED on/off, 1/4" mono output.
      LEDs are amber and red (check pictures)
      Bass was done in 2015, so it has 2+3 machine heads.
      Bass has original case, papers, everything. New one like this is 17.600 dollars, you can check here on Alembic site my bass is Sig Dlx Coco Bolo.
      This is I think only signature bass in EU that is available with this price. For any questions you can contact me. Here are some pic that justify the whole thing, other pics you can see on my dropbox:
      Price says 6000 5600 pounds but it's actually 6500 6200 euros, just conversion is different every day.
      Also check my feedback page:

    • By AndyTheBassBison
      Price dropped to £20 includes shipping and you get all packaging and a bonus (discoloured) A string! These cost me £30 from Thomann once shipping and VAT were added and are practically unused. When I received them the A string was a different colour - Warwick kindly sent me a replacement. I’ve only had the D string and discoloured A string on my bass before realising these are not for me - I’m pretty fussy and like a super low tension strings like thomastik flats. These are classed as medium scale (32”) strings but they fit my 34” P bass fine with plenty of winding. Let me know if you have any questions.
      Here are the specs - https://m.thomann.de/gb/warwick_bass_string_set_045_105_464150.htm


    • By charles.bioul.bass
      Selling my thomastik Enfield jazz FLATS.
      SET for 5 strings, standard 34 scale.
      They have been cut for fender jazz type headstock (4+1).
      They would fit any other type of headstock except 5 in a row type headstocks, but types like 2+3 or 3+2 would work.
      They were cut with a lot of extra length.
      Haven't played for more than 2 hours, so they're not even broken-in.
      Selling them because they just don't work on my 5 string bass, pickup combination.
      I have a set on a P bass and they sound fantastic, just not for this specific bass, for me.
      Gauges are 043-056-070-100-136 
      I paid them 70£, asking 50£. Shipping included with the UK.
    • By adamlunt
      Ernie Ball group 3 flats free to a good home.
      Bought new in December 2012. Recently changed to chromes for a slightly newer feel and sound.
      Really mellow sounding, and dark tone. 
      Free to collect from Birmingham address. No postage, too much hassle.

    • By vincbt
      Having upgraded to a Thumb NT 5, it is now time for me to sell my Warwick Thumb BO 4.
      I bought this bass a few years ago now, but it has sadly spent a lot of time at home in its case or on the stand, so that it is in quite good conditions, without any significant dings and scratches. 
      The bass was made in 2009 (S/N A 148778 09) it has an ovangkol body, ovangkol neck, wenge fingerboard, 2-way MEC preamp, MEC pickups and black hardware. It mounts a Just-A-Nut III in brass which is standard for the year it was made in, I find it significantly better than the plastic JAN II in terms of durability, sound and sustain.
      Other than that, I don't have much to say other than it is a German Warwick Thumb, with all the pros and cons this bass has.
      Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer collection or meeting in person but can look into UK shipping (not touching international shipping post-Brexit, sorry), please let me know if required and I can look into it.
      Price is £950. No trades please, I'm only looking to sell this outright.

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