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Vintage VJ74 Icon Series Jazz Style Bass Guitar

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Vintage VJ74 Icon Series Jazz Style Bass Guitar.

Absolute top quality parts and construction

Condition is used but in excellent condition, little further road-wearing has taken place after that it came with.

Bass weighs in at almost exactly 4 kg (8.8 lbs). Light for a Jazz.

At the moment I am unable to ship so this has to be cash on collection from Skipton. However I am prepared to drive out a fair distance to meet you if needs be.










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11-May: now back up for sale
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3 hours ago, zonular said:

Lovely looking bass, and there I was thinking I needed a p bass

Thank you. It is still for sale. It has been on a bit of an adventure though!

I had sold it on the well known auction site. I'd used it for band practice beforehand, had it set up nicely and was confident of its quality in all aspects.

The new owner quickly informed me that he had fret buzz on A and E and wanted to return it.

When I got it back I set it up to spec again and there was indeed some buzz on the E. So I've raised the action a tad higher on that string than I would ideally like. And I've used it for 2 more practices.

It's still a fantastic bass but I don't know what to do now. I can't really charge full asking now I know there's something not perfect about it.

If you are interested do please make me an offer. I'll even post it this time if needs be.

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On 21/06/2019 at 19:16, zonular said:

Out of interest, is this something that could be fixed in your opinion or a simple flaw with the bass?

I really do have no idea I’m afraid. I can’t see anything obviously amiss. It could just be high frets.

It is otherwise a great bass and I’m enjoying playing it again. Just anyone wanting a low action all the way up the bottom strings may be disappointed.

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Thanks for the response. Its frugal times for my self and things like that can get to me. Great looking bass, glws either way

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It might be an idea to post measurements of exactly how high the action is. What is excessive to you may be fine for someone els and you could be worrying over nothing. At least a prospective buyer knows what they're getting and you can sell with a clear conscience!

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It still technically belongs to me. But it's on commission sale at the Bass Gallery. Though in the 18 months they've had it they've never got round to listing it on their website. Or the Fender I took them around the same time. I was going to go and retrieve them but with the situation over the last year and all that.

Anyway you could contact them if you like and see if they can do anything for you.



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