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Which would be easier? - Changing the velcro on my Pedaltrain Metro, or changing the velcro on my pedals?

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Basically I've recently bought a Pedaltrain Metro 24 off of somebody but they've put the hook/rough side of the velcro onto the board rather than the loop/soft side...
So both my pedals and board have hook side on... I'm currently only using 5 or 6 pedals.

Should I replace the velcro on the board or the pedals? I'd rather change the velcro on the board but I'm not sure how tricky that would be.


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Posted (edited)

Change the board to loop. 90% of folk put the hook side on the pedal, so if you kept the hook on your board you’d have to change the Velcro on every used pedal you buy from now on. It would get old quickly.

If you haven’t got enough spare Velcro it can be cheaply bought online in rolls. When I was in the middle of my intense pedalboard phase, the big thing I learned was you can never have too much Velcro! 

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