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Lighthouse jazzclone

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I just bought a Swedish handmade jazzclone. The Brand is called Lighthouse.  They tried producing highend basses a couple of years ago. I have two. Hipshot bridge and tuners. Glockenklang preamp and Lundgren (swedish) vintage jazz pickups.

Really nice!



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    • By fclef4life
      Hey guys! I am selling my Fender American Jazz Bass Professional 5 string, in Olympic White finish. This is the 5-string Fender bass that I liked the most. I compared it to a Fender Elite series that I had (more expensive model) and this passive Fender has a more organic and vintage sound, as well as the low B string has greater definition and volume for my taste. 
      This Fender is in mint conditions. I'm the only owner, I bought it new in store. I have asked Xavier Lorita (professional luthier, whom many of you surely know) to change the Volume / Volume / Tone to Volume / Balance / Tone configuration. Which is much more practical and comfortable from my perspective, especially for live performances. Lorita also shielded the pickups on this Fender to avoid noises.
      This Fender has an Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, Fender Single Coil V-Mod pickups. The bass comes with its original Fender hardcase, among other candies from the brand. Price €1450, no trades please. Location Barcelona, Spain.

    • By CJPJ
      I bought this new from Andertons in September 2018  (receipt included) spontaneously as I always wanted one. However, I have only played it a handful of times as I always go to my trusted Ibanez 5 string and haven't been able to revert back to a 4 string. It comes with all the usual bits including travel case and certificate of authenticity (plus a spair set of strings). There are a couple of small marks on the bottom back / lead edge but overall its an immaculate, unmolested and original example.

    • By wright/watt
      Hi Folks..
      After much thought and procrastination! Up for sale here is a Beautiful Sei Flamboyant 4 string bass in immaculate condition..Reason for sale is I just admire it, but never play it for fear of damaging it! (Madness I know) This bass plays and sounds as good as it looks! More importantly was built to be PLAYED!!
      I am the third owner..The bass was commissioned and built by Martin Petterson of Sei in 2004 by Pete (Scooby) He sold it and then bought if back, and I bought it of him in 2014.The bass is immaculate with next to no wear at all.
      34 scale, 1.5 inch nut, Ash body, 24 fret maple/bubinga seven piece neck. Ebony fretboard, Madrone burl (Strawberry wood) top and peghead veneers (Stunning) Kent Armstrong pick-ups, Aiguilar OPB3 preamp 18V push/pull midrange sweep. ABM bridge, Gotoh tuners.Very light 3.5 kg.lovely slim profile neck as are most Sei's I've played.
      Only trade I would be interested in is a Vigier Arpege series 1,11,or 111 four string bass. Open to sensible offers!
      Any questions please ask.

    • By Big Rich
      I just installed a set of new Wilkinson WOJB Jazz Bass pickups in my J&D Jazz Bass and the output of the D and G strings  are about 30% compared to the 100% of the E and A strings.  The pole pieces are all level and my soldering is fine but the standout thing for me was the unequal magnets on the back of the neck pickup, the E and A have a thick magnet but the D and G have a much thinner magnet, more than coincidence I’m thinking.
      Is this the problem?    The bridge pickup has one magnet along the whole pickup, as did the old pickups.
      Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    • By EddHytheTown
      Up for sale only (no trades thanks) my Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz (with Stagg gig bag - basically a dust cover with no padding). I've seen some ludicrous ambitious prices for these one ebay recently, but hopefully I've got this up at a fair price. This Andertons link has specifications, which I believe should be correct. 
      I've owned this for a few years from new but it's never been gigged and only occasionally played at rehearsal plus home use, so good condition. The plastic is still on the control panel - that's why it looks so smeared in the first photo.
      I've tried to highlight the only major ding on the back of the body (a £1 coin for size reference). There are a couple of minor blemishes that I couldn't capture with the camera, and some minor marking on the fingerboard.
      Strung with Rotosound Jazz flatwounds now I think. I think it was originally strung with rounds which may account for some of the marking on the fingerboard - I changed them quite soon after buying the bass. I've tried to show some of the marking in the photos - it doesn't affect the playability. 
      This has been a good introduction to fretless, but I just don't play it enough and should be moving house quite soon - hence the sale. No trades thanks (I may also be saving for a 5 string after the move...!).
      Collection preferred from SE London (Sydenham SE26 area ideally), but could also meet around London - public transport and social distance rules permitting. I would not be comfortable sending by post - I have no experience of this and no spare solid case or packing materials available.
      Any questions let me know. 

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