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#TRADED.# Bossa Ujb 5

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Price reduction to 1100 pounds.

Very rare Bossa ujb-5 in great condition.

Swamp ash body, 3 piece maple neck/ebony fingerboard,  gotoh hardware, famous 18v bossa preamp with bass/mid/treble and the proprietary bossa  dual coil/single coil switch. It weighs just under 4 kg. 

Everything works as it should, truss rod very smooth and responsive, tuning keys are smooth, frets with very little noticeable wear, bridge perfect apart from some slight discoloration at the edges. It has a wear spot between the pickups under the b string.                  The bass feels, plays and sounds like a very high quality instrument that it is.

I 'm based in EU Athens Greece, and shipping to UK and EU is included in the price. It takes up to 5 working days. The bass will be properly and safely packaged.

Trades considered with p and jazz basses(4 strings) and cash my way.

Better pics


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New pictures
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Actually I got this from talkbass as a ujb 5. As far as I can tell from pictures it is a ujb body with a 24 fret neck.

The ob has a different/smaller body. Just check the upper horn, in the ujb it extends up to the 12th fret, on the ob it does not.

Anyway, ujb or ob, this is an amazing instrument at a much lower price than what it cost me:) , but everything sells cheaper(if at all) these days.

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hi pete, I have the same as 4-string and looking for the same as 5-er...

bossa's are special,   would it be possible to obtain a foto of the electronics on the back?

is the lacquer high gloss or satin? how would you describe its cosmetic status? may be some additional fotos of the most stressed parts of the body would help

with which carrier do you ship to germany and how do you pack it?

trussrod ok in both directions?

looking forward hearing from you soon. appreciate addittional fotos to [email protected]

what would be your final price shipped in euro / I would suggest bank transfer / unfortunately nothing to trade. do you have testimonials from previous buyers? thank you and brgds rolf



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Thanks for the interest.

Finish is satin, cosmetic status is ok(to me seems perfect), only thing that can be seen from a meter away is the wear spot. It has been played, but it also has been really taken care for, so hardware works flawlessly.Very smooth tuners and bridge, only the volume pot was replaced at some time A few small dings here and there that can only be seen through reflections(satin has very few reflections).  I will replace the photos later, because these are really awful..(from smartphone).

I will ship with elta which is the Greek national post service(or was). In my experience it is the fastest and most secure postal service compared to dhl,ups, fed ex for international shipments. To UK it takes maximum 5 working days, I assume the same to Germany.

The neck will be detached(that's how I got it), and will be properly packaged in a big box.

The truss rod works flawlessly both directions, with not much force, and the changes are noticeable immediately. 

Final price 1050 euros shipped, and I really haven't seen a stock bossa 5 go for so low.

I have made a few successful transactions through basschat, but never opened a feedback thread. You can find some feedback for me in talkbass under username Muse.


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Demo of the bass.


Excuse my playing, I play my 4 string lately which is totally different to this one,

action was very low for my liking(truss rod needs some loosening and no key at home), and the

stirngs are ghs roundcore boomers, kinda dead and too loose for me. Also one take.

Played through my phil jones double four on battery(hence some clipping) and recorded through

my phone. Eq completely flat.

Price can't get any lower as it is already too low for me to justify selling, so please no lowball offers.

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