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*PRICE DROP* Ampeg PF-800 Portaflex head - £310

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£310 for PF-800 Portaflex head.
Collection (London) or happy to meet somewhere within reason
Bought in early 2015, used for a few gigs but still in great working condition.  
This head sounds huge, very sleek design and it's not too heavy. Getting rid of it as I'm upgrading to something else. A few markings on the surface but nothing obvious.









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On 15/05/2019 at 20:41, Zombie1965 said:


is the cab still available? 


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    • By matthewkeyss
      Hi Guys 
      I am selling a 2 channel Aguilar AG500 amp head. It is in pretty nice condition, and comes with the pictured case, power cable and also the channel footswitch. 
      Collection from Maidstone, Kent. Until the 5th February, I can possibly sort out postage within the UK at buyers expense (courier and packaging). 
      You can contact me on here, or by mobile at +44 seven 429 58812 six. 
      P.s. I have been locked out of my old basschat account but can be found here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/profile/11275-matthewkeys/

    • By stewblack
      EDIT : PRICE Drop 750 pounds sterling 
      Just realised that no one has bought this, trying to raise funds for a Handbox amp before imports become illegal and the pound is worthless so crack on and buy now please 
      With a heavy heart I have accepted that as I get older and weaker this amp remains the same weight. 
      So here's your opportunity to own what my tech describes as The Ferrari Of Bass Amps. 
      I mention my tech because he just completed a thorough service including replacing a set of three power valves. I have paperwork detailing all his hard work. 
      So why sell when I just spent well north of 200 quid getting her in shape? Like I said, old age and a bad back. Also I figure this is as saleable as it can be right now. 
      Nothing sounds close to this amp. Nothing. It isn't even a sound as such  it's  more of an experience. My singer summed it up best by saying it was like hot bass sauce had be squeezed over and throughout the room. Never too loud, always everywhere. 
      I can't believe I'm selling it really, but at least I can say I owned one. 
      Couple of scuffs to the tolex which I've pictured but it's what is inside that matters. 
      Price includes me driving to meet you. Won't say I'll drive anywhere but I'm up for going a fair old way. 

    • By Duroc17
      Also available Ampeg pf50t with pf210 cab that it goes in - £800 - sorry cant ship this as valves etc and it's about 25kg all in - but welcome to come try it in studio in Preston North west
      Prefer cash on collection from Clitheroe or Preston - can drive within an hour

    • By silverfoxnik
      ** Now SOLD **
      Hi Folks
      Very reluctantly, I am putting my Ampeg Classic Series all valve bass rig up for sale, which consists of:
      V4BH - 100 watt all valve bass amp. 
      Bought off @Beedster in 2015, this bass amp is simply the best sounding bass amp I've ever owned. 
      The good stuff about it - 
      It sounds superb whatever music I've played through it, from old-skool Motown thump to 70s rock & 80s funk, right through that there indie 90s clank to Foo Fighters style stadium rock. 
      It works in pretty much any musical situation, is so, so simple to use, isn't too heavy as valve amps go IMO (40lbs), and of course, it totally looks the part. 
      At my weekend-warrior level of gigging (pubs, small clubs, functions etc), this amp pumps out 100 watts and easily fills a room with rich, warm low end bass tone!
      The not so good stuff -
      a) When I bought it from Chris, the Gain control shaft had already been broken off, something I should have had fixed straight away but I didn't because I was too busy using it at the time...  As you can see in the pictures below , my very crude fix has allowed me to continue utilising the Gain control, which enables some very nice preamp stage valve distortion when dialled in.. Obviously it would be better if the gain control was fixed, but as it is, the amp is perfectly useable. 
      b) The amp hasn't had a service since I bought it. At the moment, that's not a problem as I've not used it too much over the last four years, but it would undoubtedly benefit from a proper once-over by a qualified tech. 
      Having said all of that, the amp is working really well and it comes with the fitted cover with proper Ampeg logo!
      To buy the equivalent Ampeg head now, including the cover, you'd be looking at around £900 new. But because of these two issues stated above, I have priced the amp accordingly, so I'm looking for £SOLD or near offer. 
      (NB: I've attached the manuals for the amp and the two cabs which have all the requisite technical information...)
      Ampeg Classic Series SVT-15e bass cab (8 ohms) 
      This came with the amp when I bought it in 2015 from Chris. It's in good condition and has the really nice Ampeg cover to go with it.. 
      Not only does the cab match the amp perfectly (see photos) but sound wise, the cab is great paired with the V4BH - I've tried it with P basses, Jazz Basses, Thunderbirds, 5 string basses etc.. You name it, it sounds great in an old skool kind of way. .
      Around £425-£500 new. I'm looking for £SOLD or near offer for the cab & cover. 
      Ampeg Classic series SVT-210HE bass cab (8 ohms) 
      This is a great 210 cab and on its own, 
      works nicely enough with the head. Like the 115, it sounds really good with every bass I've tried it with. Everything's working as it should, including the Tweeter, but no cover with this one I'm afraid. 
      It's difficult to find a comparative price for this online now - nearest would be the neo version at well over £600 - but I'm looking for £SOLD or near offer for this cab. 
      Full Rig - It has to be said that, when you put the 210 together with the 115, the whole rig just goes to another level! 😁
      That's when you get the full 100 (valve) watts of power, with the thump and low mids coming from the 115, and the definition and faster attack of the 10" drivers which are better for reproducing more percussive styles of playing... It just makes a fantastic noise!! 
      Price - Ideally, I'd like to sell this as one complete rig, and for that I'm looking for £SOLD or very near offer.  
      But if that isn't possible then I'll entertain offers for the individual items, which all together come to over £800.
      Collection /meet ups - The rig is too heavy and too big to post so it's collection only from Littlehampton, West Sussex I'm afraid, but at least then you get a chance to try it out in person whilst being showered with tea/coffee /biscuits.. 😊
      If absolutely necessary, I would be prepared to drive up to 50 miles (for a few extra sheckles) to meet up if getting to Littlehampton isn't possible for you.. 
      Just to clarify;
      1. the Xotic bass in the pictures isn't up for sale, it's there just to provide a sense of size and scale.
      2. As stated above, this is a very reluctant sale so I reserve the right to change my mind. 
      3. Also advertised elsewhere. 
      Any questions, please ask away here or by PM. And I have loads more pictures too if required.. 
      Thanks for looking as ever.. 😊

      V4BH (1).pdf SVT210HE_SVT15E (2).pdf
    • By razzthekid88
      Reluctantly selling my pride and joy bass rig but sadly just can't justify it as I'm more focussed on other instruments and not actively playing bass in bands as much as I used to.

      Ampeg SVT-VR with wheeled flightcase
      USA Made - not Vietnam. Been gigged well since I've had it but still in good condition and sounds amazing. In my opinion the best sounding amp I've ever played through.
      Comes with a heavy duty flight case customised with heavy duty trolley-style casters which makes transportation much easier. Can post photos of this if required.
      Bergantino NV610
      This is an unbelievable cabinet, hard to beat it in my opinion. It performs well in every scenario with a clarity and punch that I haven't heard anywhere else. I've found this cab to be easier to transport than the Ampeg 610 cab and sounds as big as the matching 810 VR cab the head was originally purchased with but in a smaller, more manageable frame.
      Comes with padded leather cover.

      Ready to collect or shipping can be agreed with buyer at buyers cost. I would be willing to discuss transporting personally in Scotland.

      Would ideally like to sell together but open to reasonable offers. No trades please.






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