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hen barn

Nightingale 4 string SOLD

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I need some cash to get some custom iem’s. So I’m looking to sell my nightingale bass. 

I brought this bass about 2 years ago and it was never finished by nightingale.

As it’s a design by Bernie Goodfellow I took it to him to do up. 

He did a fantastic job. 

Nightingale pick ups and we put a Aguilar pre amp in it. The body and neck has been sprayed by bow finishing in gloss white and  we installed3B82D447-5E2A-40B0-9C6A-AFD891C68A98.thumb.jpeg.66931f231e3983563790e5f1b5aae3a5.jpeg luminlays as fret markers. The fret board is tiger wood. 

I really don’t want to do this but I have been told to look after my ears!! Already need a hearing aid! 

I’m based in Brighton 






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