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TRADED No longer available - Mike Lull M5V Jazz Bass - 3,9kg / 8.6lbs

Robert Schulenburg

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Mike Lull M5V Jazz Bass from 2006

Really lightweight for a full 5-String with 3.9kg / 8.6lbs

Seymour Duncan PUs, Bartolini PreAmp, some little scratches, nothing big and even hard to get on a picture. I just changed the string tree to a full one for all 5-String. First it was just one little String tree for the A and D string only (you can see the srew hole in the headstock picture) which lead to totally different string bendings after the saddle. The little original one is included.

Vol (Push Pull Active-Passiv) / Balance / Passive hi's / Bass boost cut and hi-boost cut: double poti.

String Spacing adjustable (+- 0.5mm) - Right now in the widest position - 18.5mm

I do have a simple but solid Thomann Hardcase. Bass is located in Germany, Düsseldorf. Shipping possible; Courier. We can split the costs.

Mike Lull M5V-2.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-3.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-4.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-5.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-6.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-7.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-8.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-9.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-10.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-11.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-12.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-13.jpg

Mike Lull M5V-14.jpg

Mike Lull M5V.jpg

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