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Pea Turgh

SOLD - 2x10 Beyma-loaded Peavey - wood finish!

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Here’s a cab with history!

400w @ 4ohms

A Peavey 2x10 loaded with Beyma drivers by Fleabag (with assistance from the forum gurus), and finished in Ronseal’s finest outdoor wood finish by me! (so will not get ruined when used as a beer table at a gig).

Currently located in Swansea, but can post for £15 nationally.

All documented thusly...

And here’s some piccies...





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FYI - this sounds really good - I quite often play against 2 Marshall half stacks and you can still hear me.

I just keep hurting my back and want to go back to Barefaced.

A real man should have no trouble lugging this about!

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50lbs/22.6kg I think.  Definitely not as heavy as my Peterson combo though- that’s borderline Trace weight!

Edited by Pea Turgh
Added decimal measurement

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