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TJ Spicer

Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 SOLD

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Markbass Little Mark Tube 500 £400 £300

Priced a little under others on here due to the fact it is case-less, and has a couple more dings than those that have lived in a case all their lives. A super solid amp that never let me down over the couple of tours I did at the start of the year. Ideal for doubling and blending piezo and mic on upright bass which was where I used this the majority of the time. 

Rock solid and only a year or so since new, I've just moved to try the Eich stuff and have my Ashdown Little Stubby for all the tube stuff. 

Shipping can be arranged, collection preferred from Maidenhead (or Bath until October, by arrangement).

Thank you for looking! 








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    • By AJ567
      I'm letting my beloved Markbass rig go!
      I have owned both the combo and cab from new. They are both in great condition, they have never been moved without the covers on! No technical issues whatsoever. The only signs of wear are on the feet and handle (which are easily replaceable).
      These are the original versions made in Italy, from the era before markbass moved production to Indonesia.
      The head is a rebadged Little Mark ii. It has a Class A/B power section which allegedly is part of the original markbass "magic". Search talkbass and you will find essays on this! The newer little mark heads have Class D power sections which apparently don't sound the same! All I can say is the sound of this amp is simulatenously crystal clear and full-fat creamy... she puts a smile on my face every time!
      NB the cab is the original version which is designed to stack with this combo. The newer versions are the same width, but not the same depth, and therefore do not stack securely.
      Comes with custom made padded vinyl covers, and an OBBM speaker lead which is the perfect length for connecting the combo and cab.
      £800 collected from south london.
      More pics to follow.

    • By EdLib-3
      Up for sale is my Bridge Cetus, a stunning instrument  that I bought new from Promenade Music in 2018. It has never been gigged or even left my flat, subsequently it is in pretty much new condition. I am selling this with regret as a result of wrist issues that due to an pre-existing condition, are making it very difficult for me to progress on the instrument.
      Here are the specs taken from the Bridge Violins website:
      Body: hollow moulded bodyshell, from carbon fibre and kevlar composites
      Headstock and neck: The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The
      headstock design is a modified copy of the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba head. The neck is hand coloured and finished with oils, for a fast, smooth, traditional finish.
      Fingerboard: Ebony fingerboard

      Machine Heads: brass Tyrolean style engraved brass plate machine heads

      Nut: Ebony nut.

      The Bridge pick up system is encapsulated within the bridge, designed
      by Bridge.

      Tailpiece: ebony tailpiece.

      Endpin: Basses use an ebony plug, notched steel rod with brass screw and ferrule, and
      removable rubber protector.


      Bridge Pick-Up System:
      The pickup system is designed by Bridge and unique to these instruments. It uses a piezo crystal configuration giving an accurate acoustic sound with an even tone. The pickup uses all mechanical movements of the instrument to generate its acoustic sound.

      Bridge Active Circuitry: has a sophisticated active circuitry dedicated to the frequency range of the instrument, uses a 9V battery giving approx 3000 hours playing time.
      This bass has a surprisingly natural and woody tone for an instrument with a carbon fibre body, it's the best sounding  EUB around in my opinion. You'll notice that the back plate that houses the 9V battery cavity is lined with Blu Tack; this is not to mask a defect, it was done because the back panel is made of light material and vibrated slightly when I played certain notes on the instrument unplugged. This slight buzz was not audible when it was played amplified.
      Not looking for trades, just a sale please. As you can see, the soft case the bass came with offers little in the way of protection so it's collection only from the Preston Park area of Brighton. The bass comes with the aforementioned soft case, a horsehair German Double Bass bow and some rosin. These basses don't come up for sale very often - this one is in practically new condition, they  go for £3,250 new.  Come and try it out yourself. Message me with any questions or for additional pictures.
      Here's my feedback:

    • By Marky Screen
      Picked this up in a trade a few months ago on here. It's lovely but overkill for me power wise so I'm looking to move it on. Also the fact I've accumulated 4 micro heads in the last 6 months means something's got to give 😋.
      Great overall condition and everything works as it should.
      Blendable SS/tube pre with usual MB 4 band EQ and VLE/VPF filters.
      800w @ 4ohms, 500 w @ 8ohms
      Price includes UK shipping.

    • By aberbassman
      Here we have my Markbass STD 104 HR for sale. It's in great condition. No rips or tears. Great sounding cab. One of the lightest 4 x 10's on the market. It's the 4 ohm version made in Italy.  Can meet at a reasonable distance for fuel..Untitled_message.zipUntitled_message.zip
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