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Cons of PJ

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On 4/5/2018 at 11:06, Happy Jack said:

Interesting that no one has mentioned the 'sweet spot' theory.

IME, and I've had a few P/J basses and far too many Precisions, having a P/J setup pushes the split-P pickup closer to the neck to make room for the J-pickup.

Whether or not there's a sweet spot, that move has to change the sound of the solo'd split-P as opposed to an equivalent Precision layout.



It varies. Many have the P pickup in the same exact spot as a standard P.

The two I have... one has the P half a centimetre farther towards the bridge compared to standard, and the other... the P is actually 1 cm closer to the bridge.

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For me personally the potential con is down to where the particular instrument hangs or sits in playing position and, as a result, whether I end up clicking my pick (or bashing my finger-ends) against the cover of the bridge pickup while I'm playing because it's ended up encroaching into an area where, due to normally playing a single pickup P,  I expect to find no obstructions. Of course it's all down to playing style and what you do or don't find irritating, but I'd say if you have the option of two otherwise identical instruments it's worth just checking that the more-is-more version doesn't shove a chunk of plastic directly under your hand that's going to annoy you.

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Sometimes there can also be a bit of a volume drop, blending Pups. No big un but it can be there.

I thought for a while I was missing out not having a PJ, but having used one for a while I went back to the old P bass. (maybe listening to too much Norman Blockheads time ) 

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