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D'Addario Chromes, various sets (all sold)

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All sets sold now, thank you!

I have four two sets of D'Addario Chromes (flat wound bass strings) for sale, all both are 4 string sets, both have been used briefly, full details of each set below. The asking price is per set, plus postage.


One set ECB81 (45 - 100), used for a short time on an Epiphone Jack Casady bass, so they are suitable only for two each side headstocks. These will not fit a Fender four in line headstock. £20.00 plus post unless collected.

Two one sets ECB81 (45 - 100), was on a Fender for about a month but unplayed, so will be a direct fit onto any 34" scale Fender style bass, or could be trimmed to fit a two tuner each side headstock. £20.00 plus post unless collected. now sold

One set ECB82 (50-105) was on a Fender Precision for a few weeks, gigged once. Bass now sold. As above, will fit standard Fender four a side headstock basses or could be trimmed to suit a four a side head. £20.00 plus post unless collected. This set now sold

None of these strings were installed through body, all used standard bridge stringing. None have been subjected to any strain, such as higher than standard tunings, all were in perfect condition when removed from the basses.

They can be collected from West Oxfordshire or posted at cost. I am selling them as I have discovered that I prefer LaBella flats, they suit my playing style and the type of music I play a little better than the Chromes, though I still have Chromes on basses that are several years old!

I can't see the point of taking pictures of these, they are long, thin and shiny, just like any set of Chromes would be! No fret wear is apparent on any of these strings.

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57 minutes ago, highwayone said:

Do you still have the ones that were on the JC? Thanks.

Yep, still got those

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25 minutes ago, highwayone said:


Also replied

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