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Sandberg California VM4 Hardcore aged - SOLD

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Selling this with a heavy heart as not the easiest guitar to find used. I love a maple fret board and the hardcore aged so probably end up regretting this but just not getting used. I had a black ash body and this is much much lighter and plays like a dream.

Collection preferred in near Warwick or Milton Keynes week days

here we go:
California VM4 - 2009
hardcore aged creme finish
alder body
maple neck
maple fingerboard
nickel hardware
Sandberg VM pickups
Glockenklang 2Bd EQ (active/passive)
black pickguard
34" scale
14" fingerboard radius
Weighed at just under 4.1kg













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On 06/01/2018 at 14:00, Oldfartback said:

Gaydon near Warwick or can do Mk week days

We’re practically neighbours!  I’m in Northend...  don’t suppose you fancy a trade for a Stingray, do you?

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    • By AntWPF
      Firstly this is a reluctant sale as it is my only 6 string that I bought in place of another which I sold years ago. Needs must though, space, time and the rest of my instruments say I don't have time for this beast and that I am is desperate need of cash, something must give. 
      I am really struggling to find a specification list for this, which is a shame. What I can tell you is that it is NOT a pre-Gibson Tobias and has had a refit with a set of EMG pickups.
      I believe it is purple heart and mahogany wood.
      The bass plays and sounds great, it has a closer string spacing then most basses, nothing hugely noticeable though and if anything it helps.
      It has some cosmetic damage which is fairly minimal though as I struggled to photograph it. Most of it is on the backside of the body.
      It does, have a scratchy volume knob, however, it does work fine on full volume, all the other pots are fine and they are pick up blend, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut.
      It has a matching soft case.
      Any questions then please just ask. 

      £700 + Shipping.
      Have packed and sent plenty of basses before, no stress on that side.
      Thank you for viewing

    • By jezzaboy
      I bought this recently from GG, second hand in a moment of madness! I have owned T birds in the past and don`t really get on with them due to the shape. So time to try and cut my loses and move it on. Below is the details from an ad I have posted elsewhere.
      Epiphone Thunderbird classic iv Pro bass guitar. Not to be confused with the cheaper bolt on Epi Tbird. This is very much like it`s Gibson brother without the eye watering price tag. 

      Featuring a 7 ply mahogany and walnut neck through design with mahogany wings. Fitted with US Gibson T bird humbucking pickups as fitted to the US model. This one is nice and light. 

      It`s in really good condition just a couple of small marks on the very end of the headstock, a small chip on the back about a quarter of an inch long and the previous owner must have had a pickup cover fitted over the bridge pickup, possibly to rest his hand on and that is the reason for the black screw on the body above the pickup. 

      It has a fake Gibson truss rod cover fitted, the Epiphone one will be included. It also has a new Thomann quality gig bag that is made for this model. 
      So there it is. It`s originally a £400 bass, US pickups with a brand new gig bag for £250. I`m not into posting this as the last time I posted a bass it was too much stress so please don`t ask. I am in Paisley but I don`t mind travelling a bit for a meet up. Any questions just ask. Ta.
    • By iSeal95
      Here we have the beautiful Eich T500 with its matching Eich 112XS cabinet, both made in Germany.
      This set-up has been amazing in studio and at gigs, especially using its tilt function to help monitoring.
      Both Amp and Cabinet are in great condition and have fitted covers that I never leave the house without.
      Will sell individually!

      Eich T500 = £475
      Eich 112XS = £375
      Together = £800
      Only interested in sale or Barefaced Cabinet trades
      Collection in London

    • By karlfer
      Cash price £2000.
      VERY reluctant sale, but I have finally managed to get a CS Dusty Hill Gold Top Relic, so something has to go.
      Kev has very kindly allowed me to link to his original  thread,which includes shop floor walk, specs & much better photos than I will ever take.
      CASH PRICE, please, no offers.
      TRADES, value is higher, need £1000 cash, but happy to talk about a maple boarded Sandberg, especially if it's one of the aged/roadworn. Any Rosewood board trades would need to have MOP blocks.
      COURIER. SATURDAY COLLECTION ONLY, Buyer to organise & pay for. Please remember this is a big saving of it's late 2017 price new (£2999) and a significant saving on what I paid for it a few weeks back. So, MY good luck at getting a Dusty becomes the buyers good luck getting this super bass at a GREAT price.
      I can also offer a meet somewhere within 100 miles radius of Wigan.
      If my Sandberg goes 1st, this will be removed VERY quickly.
      Thanks for looking,