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Sandberg California VM4 Hardcore aged - SOLD

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Selling this with a heavy heart as not the easiest guitar to find used. I love a maple fret board and the hardcore aged so probably end up regretting this but just not getting used. I had a black ash body and this is much much lighter and plays like a dream.

Collection preferred in near Warwick or Milton Keynes week days

here we go:
California VM4 - 2009
hardcore aged creme finish
alder body
maple neck
maple fingerboard
nickel hardware
Sandberg VM pickups
Glockenklang 2Bd EQ (active/passive)
black pickguard
34" scale
14" fingerboard radius
Weighed at just under 4.1kg













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On 06/01/2018 at 14:00, Oldfartback said:

Gaydon near Warwick or can do Mk week days

We’re practically neighbours!  I’m in Northend...  don’t suppose you fancy a trade for a Stingray, do you?

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    • By raph_uptown
      Amazing bass to sell !
      The best era of Jimmy Coppolo for the people who know the guy behind the brand. A real pleasure to play on this bass.
      Here is the specifications:
      Alder Body
      Indian Rosewood Board
      Black Nitro finish
      Matching headstock
      19mm string spacing
      early AC era
      60s pickup positions
      all original
      4,1 kg
      Built in 2008
      Available in Brussels (Belgium) or by shipment.

    • By maidens97
      Markbass800w head £400with case
      Markbass 104hf cab £500 case 
      All in great condition due to living in cases the whole time, some minor scratches.
      £800 for both!
      Collection only From Grimsby

    • By karlfer
      Ok, it owes me £900, however I'm looking for a trade.
      So, think this is around 2008, Status branded Hiscox case.
      Lots of little dinks & chips including one on the 6th fret, bass side. I can't feel it, rest of the neck & board is wonderful
      38MM nut, 9lb 10oz, 18v, vol, pan, treble, bass, active/passive super player so I'm NOT going to give this up easily, needs to be the right bass for me. Bass will be cleaned before sale.
      73/74/75 Precision (plus up to £1100 for the right bass). Must be original finish, I will need photos of neck pocket, heel, pots/pick up numbers. MUST BE SUB 9.5LBS please.
      Doesn't need to be immaculate. And sorry, if you think your P is worth way north of the £2k area, good luck with your sale, but too rich for me.
      Other trade options,
      Fender Elite Precision, with probably couple hundred to you.
      Fender Elite or Deluxe Dimension, straight trade. 
      My 74 Jazz & my Special Deluxe P/J take care of my gigging needs really, but I would like a 74 Precision (in particular) to go with my Jazz.
      As ever, happy to drive a long way if needed & any trial in Wigan. Feedback linked below.
      Many thanks for looking,

    • By Figue2B
      I put in sale or trade my Musicman Bongo 6 HS.
      She is like new condition just a little ding in the top of the head (picture)
      She have the case Musicman in perfect condition.
      Year 2015 , 4,4 Kgs.
      Trade possible with 5 strings, 24 frets. 
      price 1500€
    • By AntWPF
      Firstly this is a reluctant sale as it is my only 6 string that I bought in place of another which I sold years ago. Needs must though, space, time and the rest of my instruments say I don't have time for this beast and that I am is desperate need of cash, something must give. 
      I am really struggling to find a specification list for this, which is a shame. What I can tell you is that it is NOT a pre-Gibson Tobias and has had a refit with a set of EMG pickups.
      I believe it is purple heart and mahogany wood.
      The bass plays and sounds great, it has a closer string spacing then most basses, nothing hugely noticeable though and if anything it helps.
      It has some cosmetic damage which is fairly minimal though as I struggled to photograph it. Most of it is on the backside of the body.
      It does, have a scratchy volume knob, however, it does work fine on full volume, all the other pots are fine and they are pick up blend, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut.
      It has a matching soft case.
      Any questions then please just ask. 

      £700 + Shipping.
      Have packed and sent plenty of basses before, no stress on that side.
      Thank you for viewing