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Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

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5 minutes ago, Phil Starr said:

I think people are trying to give you input, and from a perspective of a lot of experience. The answer to your original question is that yes you can use two 4ohm cabs with a 2ohm capable amp without problems.

Whether that is a sensible thing to do is another question. Intuitively more watts means more volume but that isn't always what you'll find in practice. The second part of your question is how to sensibly go about getting more headroom for undistorted sound at high levels. The most reliable way of doing this is to look at doubling your speakers up. Adding a 2x10 to an existing 2x10 at the same amp power will give you an extra 3dB, that's exactly like doubling the amp power. Adding a 4x10 to another 4x10 will add 3db, also the same as doubling the power so an 8x10 is going to be 6dB louder than a 2x10 using the same speakers. That's the equivalent of moving from a 300W amp to a 1200W amp. Go on adding 8x10's and your amp will eventually fill any space

The other thing is that the power supply in your amp isn't up to running at 2ohms. The power should double when you halve the ohms but in your amp it won't because it's 'engine' isn't big enough. In practice if you drive it hard at 2ohms it will heat up and become less efficient, it'll slow down on the hills to extend the car analogy.

The other thing is that volume isn't everything, it still has to sound good.

All people are trying to say is that 300W should be enough, not all speakers are equally loud but choosing wisely and doubling up is the way to go. Going down to 2ohms is usually a sign that you've started from the wrong place.

Thanks for that ,the quote you gave of mine was specific to one answer .Everyone else has been helpful .I'll just add again my amp is 2ohm ,I run 2 4ohm 2x10 with it 

Great sound just heavy so looking to get decent lightweight options 

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1 hour ago, la bam said:

I think (linked to alexs post) you would be better with say x2 4x10 at 8ohm each, rather than x2 2x10 at 4ohm each.

Even if my amp ran down to 2ohm, i dont think id ever run it at that. 4ohm is plenty.

My car and my back says no to 2 X 410 cabs ! Thanks all the same 

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Email Alex at Barefaced. If he can't put a smile on your face a mile wide and save your back at the same time you should be playing a flute.

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