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Dimarzio pickups - Ultra Jazz bridge, HS-3

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Clearing out some unused pickups - all in perfect working order and plenty of wire for installation. Prices are posted in the UK

Dimarzio Ultra Jazz bridge - wider spacing that fits US fenders. some oxidation and wear on top cover but good condition. lots of wire and perfect working order. £35 posted


Dimarzio HS-3 - hum-cancelling single-coil for guitar - SOLD
Dimarzio Evolution - neck + bridge - F spacing. Showing bit of age on the wax/plastic bases, the 'neck' sticker is just to help tell them apart easily! SOLD
Dimarzio The Cruiser - really awesome sounding humbucking single coil, for guitar. screams for rock! Comes with Dimarzio white and cream covers- SOLD

Payment by PPG or bank transfer please.









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Hi, yes I had used it for a long time in h-s-h configuration with dimarzio evolutions either side. Balanced very well.

there’s two wiring options available - humcancelling via having the two coils in series, or you can have just the top coil for a slightly brighter tone and tad less output  (but with the hum). 

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Not used it with spb3; but I did have it installed  at various times along with Dimarzio Will Power, Fender USA p pickup, and Bare Knuckle 58. Balanced well with each of them.

Selling as decided to go for matching Bare Knuckle jazz pickup instead in that bass.

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