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Deep and tight

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New string time. In the past I've quite liked the Status Hot wires and D'Addario Chromes but think I'd like a tighter feel.
A clear deep fundamental + defined top end preferred over anything mid-heavy.

DR Low Riders look like they could be good (at £50 they'd need to be!) Any other recommendations?

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I'm a big fan of DR hi beams.

There's no doubting the quality of their strings. Prices seem to vary a bit as well, if you look around sometimes you can get them a fair bit cheaper.

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I switched from hi beams to lo riders. The lo riders are a bit stiffer, so if you want a tighter feel, go for the lo riders over the hi beams. Tone wise, there is very little between them - the hi beams are tiny bit brighter but you would not know unless you had the opportunity to record them and a/b - in fact, it's so negligible it's almost not worth mentioning.

I've tried a lot of strings now.. and DR are still my go to strings.

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I put the Lo Riders on the bass last week and had my first outing last night. My first impressions? Wow! These are BASSY, and LOUD. after two songs I realised that during the string change I had accidentally cranked my bass knob all the way up 🤣

So they are great - punchy, deep and clear. I love the tight feel too, and didn't even need to make any truss rod/saddle adjustments. We have a winner!

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