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WITHDRAWN - Mesa Boogie Subway D800

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Planning to upgrade to the 800+, as being a fretless player the individual gain controls for the mids would be a lovely thing to have.

Handmade in California, the amp puts out 800 Watts @ 4/2 Ohms, or 400 Watts @ 8 Ohms.

Tone shaping is handled by a 4 band EQ Section comprised of BASS, LOW MID, HIGH MID and TREBLE Controls. There is also a DEEP switch, that adds a little boost at 50Hz, and a VOICING control which allows fine-tuning of your sound from a more “flat” response to a radically scooped midrange sound with the lows and highs boosted.

Weight: 5lb, 2.6kg
Balanced XLR Line Out with Pre/Post, Line/Mic & Ground Lift Switches
Active/pAssive switch
Mute switch
Headphone Output
Auxiliary Input
Protection & Limit LED Indicators
2 Speakon Speaker Output Jacks
Fan Cooled

This amp has been lightly rehearsed and never gigged. It's in mint condition (apart from some light scratches on the bottom and a [i]tiny[/i] nick on one corner of the front panel - no idea how they got there!), comes with the gig bag, and ships in the original box.

£[s]749[/s] [s]725[/s] 700 couriered to your door in the UK. Add £22 for EU shipping. Save £145 on new. No trades, price is firm.



Thanks for looking.

Gareth Edited by walbassist

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[quote name='Oldman' timestamp='1483178591' post='3205177']
Oh no.......

Don't worry Brian. I love the amp, just fancy the extra features the plus offer.

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