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Active bass or preamp pedal?

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3 minutes ago, gjones said:

My opinion has changed over the 4 years since I wrote that post. Now I think a preamp pedal would be a better option, because then you could get your musicman to sound like a Jazz Bass :biggrin:

😂 in between your original post and that last one you were probably bang on, maybe around 2018

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On 01/07/2020 at 16:02, ped said:

No amount of EQ will make a Jazz sound like a Stingray. There's no substitute for changing the location of the pickup.

Personally I like basses with active pre-amps if the bass sounds perfect with everything flat, leaving me with options to adjust if required. I wouldn't want to rely on a preamp for the bass to sound it's best.

When I bought my first bass I fell for the "if you do such and such it will make it sound like a different bass" that I read people saying on forums.

It was only after getting several types and a lot of experience playing and hearing them that I found out the truth that one bass isn't going to sound like another type no matter what you do to it.

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Have a bass with switchable Active/Passive modes and use a pedal if required. My ACG is fitted with a John East pre-amp with this option and I use a Dave Hall VT1 just to 'warm' the sound if required.

Generally meets all the requirements I need especially a battery fail.

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