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Kramer 450B - aluminium neck, original 1970s, £470 ** SOLD **


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I got this recently, it's a lovely bass, well made, sturdy as a tank, and deep deep big tones, but not really what I'm after.

It was made some time in the 70's - I can't get my head around the serial numbers...anyway, there are some dings, one shown here which is the worst, there are chips and scuffs that one would expect for its age.

All electronics work perfectly.

The bridge p/up has a wooden surround that I took off, but will remount. (It has a wee crack in it)

The surround for the neck was gone when I bought it.

All passive. Vol/Vol Tone/Tone - the white plastic covering is missing also on the pick up selector.

It's got brand new nickel DR Lo-Riders 40-100 just fitted.

Comes with a battered hard case.


More info here: [url="http://www.vintageguitar.com/14317/kramer-aluminum-neck-basses/"]http://www.vintagegu...um-neck-basses/[/url]

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