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Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation Titanium - Gone !


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This is a sale/trade feeler for the crown of my collection - a true chambered Anthony Jackson P6 with Titanium bridge (!) and truss rod. It is built according to Anthony's No. 11 but with 36" (No. 11 was Anthony's try with 34").

Exhibition Grade Carved Pommele Sappele Full Top
Chambered Alder Body and Alder Tone Block
Small frets
3-pc Maple neck
Brazilian Rosewood board and parts
36 scale
Titanium Bridge / Black Hardware
19mm spacing at bridge, adjustable +/- 0,5mm
1 Fodera Dual Coil with Brazilian Rosewood cover
No preamp !
Weight: 4,9 kg
Original hardcase

This bass has a retail price of 22.750 USD (+shipping and customs). Condition is LIKE NEW - not a single mark on it - never been gigged. The bass comes with the original case. The bass was built in May 2010.

Amazing full, deep, clear, yet organic and wooden sound. Crazy low action. A masterpiece for a master player !

Bass is sold pending ...

I know this is a long shot considering this price tag - but please have in mind that master pieces in the professional musical world could easily exceed the 20k mark - and this is one of the most exciting basses I ever layed my hands on. And I owned one or two ...

Pics here from the Newborn section at the Fodera site - the bass is in identical condition:

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These masterpieces can be purchased directly from Fodera ONLY. They are not available with discounts at any shop in the world. And in the 2nd hand market they are a crazy rare find too.

And even more rare is the version with the Titanium hardware... I have never seen this coming up in the recent 12 years.

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