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FS: Epiphone EB-3 - Picture now up!

Jono Bolton

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This is now for sale, a cherry red Epiphone EB-3. It's in great condition, a few light scratches on the back and on the scratchplate and that's it. The action's good and it's nice to play, could do with a new set of strings though.

This was for trade but after an ill-advised hour-long phone call to my pal in Australia I need to find some cash ASAP and as this isn't getting used it'll have to be sacrificed to the gods of Vodafone!

The price is £100, unfortunately it's collection only from Glasgow as I don't have anything to package it with, or I'd be up for a train journey anywhere roundabout as I'm off work for the next 2 weeks.

You're best to text me with any queries, on 07799714508

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