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[quote name='Ancient Mariner' post='1206458' date='Apr 20 2011, 09:39 PM']The old stuff came in a lot of varieties - can you be more specific?[/quote]

That's a fair point! I'm looking for PC3200 NonECC, Unbuffered to be exact.

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OK, I have here 5 pieces of RAM for PC, all 256 Meg, as follows:

1x256Mb DDR, 266MHz, CL2.5

1x256Mb, unmarked, but believed to be similar to the above

1x256Mb, DDR, PC3200, 400MHz, CL3

1x266Mb, DDR, PC2700, 333MHz

1x256Mb, DDR, PC2700, 333MHz, CL2.5

Any good? You can have for small contribution to Basschat.

For others interested, I also have:

2x256 PC2-4200S-444-12 (256Mb, DDR2, 533MHz, CL4 SODIMMS for laptops)

I also have :

1x512Mb, DDR2, 400, CL3 *MicroDIMM* for netbooks (check) but I'd like something for that(!)


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I got 4 x 512 sticks, DDR, PC 3200 CL3
two are samsung, two are crucial
I used them in my old PC but got a new one just before christmas which uses DDR2 so they are just lying around doing nothing.

yours for £12 including postage, sent recorded delivery & padded well.
If you want em, send me a PM with your address e.t.c

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