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OLP Musicman Status Neck, Delano Hybrid Pickup


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Anyone interested in my heavily modded OLP Musicman 5 string??

Status carbon neck
Delano hybrid pickup - active in MM style, passive in jazz single coil mode (all in one pickup)
Delano sonar 2 band preamp, bass, trebble boost/cut and passive tone.
Upgraded 3D style bridge (to be fitted befoe selling)
Solid alder (I think) body
A couple of normal little scratches etc, only one very small bit on the back where a chip has just broken though the paint.

Ok it's not a real stingray but it sounds and feels AMAZING, just not getting used recenty. £550

You're welcome to to come try it out


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[quote name='Ghosts Over Japan' post='1212373' date='Apr 27 2011, 10:09 AM']I bet that sounds fantastic :)[/quote]

It does - very clear and precise. Delano stuff is so so good, having a true passive tone control adds alot of versatility to the sound, perfect match to the status neck.

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