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  1. By the way, I am thinking about a vintage yellow / white for the green 1000ma....
  2. Exactly! I love my BB's for the sound of the P/J combination. In my oponion Yamaha has "created" a very unique sound with the BB's. If you want a sound that is 100% like a Fender Precision...buy one.
  3. Because of Andy's inpiring post..🙂
  4. One of the many finishes my oldest 1000ma had to face during the last 20 years .. 😛
  5. I took the chance to visit a big store (Musicstore) again this week. I need a lightweight but powerfull cab because due to Corona a lot of bands are history and I started checkig out projects. I don't want to carry my 37kg bass cab every time. I liked the Hartke HD500 combo. It's really loud and sounds very good but I went the combo way before and I like it analog and oldschool. 🙂 I tested all the cabs with a BB 234 (!) it was the only BB with fresh strings in the shop. Went back in the shop the next day with my own BB to be sure... and I ordered a Glockenklang Uno Rock Art light. A 15" cab that is a stand alone cab. I love the warmth of a good 15" and this cab with the Glockenklang wide angle dome tweeter sounds awesome! Actually, I was impressed by the BB234. It sounded very good for a low budget bass !
  6. Played a reahearsal yesterday with the green BB1000ma over the ABM600/ 410. Sweet tone. I just love that bass. Nice growl when played with both pu's. I think, I will phone the lacquer guy tomorrow.... metallic gold for one of the next BB's........
  7. Off to the first real rehearsal for ages ..!!! I am so happy to play my Yami loud and proud again By the way....I am thinking of a gold metallic finish for the next BB1000ma...... thoughts?
  8. My rig for medium to large stages. With monitoring this combination never lets you down. There are more cabs in case Metallica is calling but usually I take only one with me 😎
  9. A pickgard might even look good on a 1000ma ... 😄
  10. Silver... I'n in the wrong bands for a silver bass 🙂 My last idea was a BB434m in orange metallic... mathing headstock..musst be stunning with the maple neck!
  11. Right now I would like either a metallic orange or a vintage white.... but that might change 😄
  12. Well, the basses are real wood 😄 The floor is just a good looking laminate 😉
  13. Now... which one will be next..?
  14. R.E.D is in da house ! 😍
  15. This would be the Glockenklang pendant... 800watts of the most true bass tone cabs on earth.
  16. An alternative choice for cabs are Hartke 112HD or 210HD. I just love the sound of my small Hartke Combo speaker.
  17. Very cool !!!! I like !!!!! 😍
  18. I want a GOOD cab 😉 Just take a look at the frequency range ...🙉 The Glockenklang does 36-18500 and is 400 watts. Soundwise this is like the comparison between an old Fiesta with broken exhaust and a new Mercedes. I played this 15"...it is really a stand alone cab without the caracteristics of an oldschool 15! Like the Mesa Boogie Power House 15" is. But this is close to 40 kg At least the soundfiles are international... 🙂 Test Glockenklang
  19. By the way...because I want something easy to carry for rehearsals and live ( my bas player back....) I am thinking of getting one of this, maybe even two to have a nice light 800watts 2x15 rig... I love a GOOD 15" speaker! The Glockenklang cabs are expensive but their neo speakers don't sound like neos! The speakers are built especially (and only) for Glockenklang Glockenklang 1x15 Art line
  20. What is that for? Got a message...candy apple red BB1000ma will be ready for pick up tomorrow afternoon... ! 😍
  21. Interessting for I also own an ABM600 and the 410 Evo IV cab... 🙂
  22. May I ask how you rate this 112HD cabs for a rock band? Two of them of course. I read a lot about how inefficient they shall be..?
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