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  1. Ah...good news. 🙂 Thank you !
  2. It seems as if the seller has given up his fine work??? 😞
  3. I am sorry that I asked someone in this thread if he was interested in a bass. I got "a penalty point "that will never expire" , whatever that means. The evil content can't be shown to me, because I have "no permission to see it" and the email from bc can't be answered because it's a no reply mail. So sorry IF the question I asked was the reason ... OMG....
  4. After nearly 2 years of only playing the Telecaster I had to record a bass and took the bb out again. I still love the sound 🙂 What a brilliant bass 🙂
  5. If you are not one of the lucky BBPH bass ownwers... other BB's will do ! 🙂 Recordet with one of my BB1000ma`s.
  6. Happy new year! Frank Itt on his Yamaha's
  7. Does anybody know if the scratchplates of the V4 are Fender std. sizes?
  8. Thanks for the review! I wonder if the cab might sound even better with the Digbeth Amp on top. Because for the top I can say it sounds very unique / special.
  9. I am still thinking on getting the high 410 for my Digbeth. The only thing that I don't like is the weight. Also interested in your review!
  10. The pedal does not take batteries!
  11. Found this guy in a dusty case somewhere... might be worth playing again.
  12. Well, I am still totally in love with some Telecaster basses and bought a new amp and preamp and adjusted everything for the single coil basses. Now I readjusted some things and the BB shines again. For the new band, the Yamaha will fit better. It is a ridiculous talented singer/ songwriter .
  13. Hi folks..... after a loooong time of not touching my BB's I found a new band and tried the new material with my main BB and.... I think it is kind of a BB comeback!
  14. In the vid I put the bass directly into the ABM, without the B2..by the way!
  15. Yes. This was my first one. I bought it used for nothing and put Yamaha tuners on and a Seymor Duncan QP pick up and the color of course. This is another one Red Tele
  16. Al, my stuff might seem so odd to many bass players out there... Where do I start..? My main basses for the last 20 years have been several Yamaha BB1000ma's as you might know 😉 A bass that I can't recommend enough. B U T : About a year ago or so I changed to Telecaster basses. I just fell in love with the junky fad necks with maple fretboard. Due to the fact that corona killed some bands and projects I startet to fiddle arround with the Telecasters at home and they do things so well! As I only play rock music and don't have any chance to play slap style etc any more... a good solid tone is all I need. So I bought several Harley Benton cheapos and pimped them with new pick ups, hardware etc etc And I love them. But the odd thing is something else...my tone, even the clean ones I get out of a quiet old item.. a Zoom B2. These old pedals are so versatile and do have any pedal I need in one pedal. (effect wise) I easily have 10 different clean preamp tones inside and with this I can match any amp or cab. And although it is older than the B3/n pedals it sounds better (in my opinion) I tried many other pedals but nothing could compete. Strings: I use D'Daddario nickels, they sound warm and bright. Amp and cabs.. I am not a friend of light and digital. I played a Trace GP11 preamp with an external poweramp or simple Hartke LH1000 heads before I switched to one of Mark Gooday's Ashdown ABM heads. I toured with Ashdown and I love that this amp never let me down on the road! But again, with the B2 I can find my sound with any amp. The Digbeth is now finally a pedal (or head) that gives me some real tube sound (even without tube) (I tried digi amps of Markbass, Glockenklang etc etc, nothing beats a good transformer) Cabs..well, that's still an issue... my 410 Ashdown ist trusty and LOUD but I love my Hartke HyDrive 210 and I think I will get a second one. It just sound so cool and crisp and has so much low end. So right now my chain is: Telecaster with a Boss looper that goes A/B = Digbeth or B2 --- Ashdown ABM--cab
  17. Too bad that you won't be able to feel the bass. Recorded only with a smartphone over a Hartke HyDrive 210 it delievers some serious bass......!! (Telecaster with single coil, as you will be able to hear..) 😉 Digbeth PRE video via smartphone
  18. Well, a very good question. In my opinion, it sounds more like an analog bass head than many other pedals. It sounds very natural. I realy like it! I wanted the sound of my Digbeth DB500H also with other bass heads and the pedal does exactly what I hoped for. Even better because it is even more versatile than the head because of its eq section.
  19. So the Digbeth Pre arrived. After an hour of playing I can say, that this unit is easy one of the best rock bass preamps I ever played. It's for "classic" tube tones, no Darkglass / metal distortion thing! The only thing that I am concerned about is... the first unit I bought was doa, something was clearly broken inside and was now falling arround inside the box. And the unit of today does this....somehow I don't like the sound... Strange rattling inside the unit The PRE is even more versatile than the 500H, the eq section allows a more detailed shaping of your sound! Like the head its strength is a warm deep bass tone that I like a lot!
  20. I managed to order one of the preamps and will arrive on saturday. I am curious how the slightly different controls of the eq will differ from the amp.
  21. All I can say is that the DB500H is the first lightweight head that I really like. I prefer old heavy amps tone wise and still think they sound better. But the Digbeth got me. Still I think I would take my trusty Ashdown ABM on a tour. It acquired some seriuos reliability over the years that I don't want to miss. The Digbeth Pre is a nice tool to have the tone with any amp. If you play in a band with guitars I would spend some bucks more to go with the 500head -it is loud as hell!
  22. I think I know why there are not more people with pics and stories of the Digbeth line... at least in Germany there seem to be some problems with delivery of Laney stuff. I am trying to get a Digbeth Pre preamp but it is not available.... I got one delivered but it was dead at arrival, something was rattling inside when I unboxed it. A second one I was not able to get my fingers on 😄
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