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  1. Here for sale we have my beloved Orange SP410 bass cab. This has been converted from horizontal to vertical standing so it would stack nicely with other SP cabs and has a much smaller footprint for lots of bass in a tight space! These are very rare cabs now and you hardly ever see them for sale. This one was made in England. This one has a few rips in the tolex and is missing a handle but otherwise is in good working condition. Rock solid construction as all Orange cabs are. The sound that comes out of it is really fantastic!! I am only selling as it’s far more cab than I’ll ever need again. If I had the space I would keep it. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Obviously you are welcome to come and try it out. Sensible offers/trades considered (especially Barefaced, Greenboy, Orange possibly a Jazz bass) Can deliver within reason for the cost of fuel.
  2. Hi Basschatters, Realised that I joined nearly a whole decade ago and thought I should probably introduce myself!! What a decade its been!! My names Ben and I love playing bass! At the start of the decade I was playing an Epiphone Thunderbird IV through a Laney RB9 head into an old HH 15" cab. Played some cool gigs with that setup in my old band including the first time I played at Guilfest. Around 2012-13 I went to andertons and tested out the Ampeg PF350 and the Orange Terror Bass. They both sounded awesome but the Orange was something else! At the time I couldn't really justify the extra money so I walked out with the ampeg (up until that point I had always wanted an Ampeg) but kind of regretted it from day one. The Orange was a monster! Blind brand loyalty can be a nightmare! I became a Dad in 2014 and the band split up not long after. All of a sudden I couldn't just do what I wanted when I wanted. Didn't really know how to deal with that! Then my best mate died. Sold my Thunderbird, sold my Ampeg, totally gave up on music and basically got myself in a bit of a pickle(did keep the old HH cab tho!) After a year or so of being a bit of a plonker I spotted a Goth Thunderbird for sale, I bought it and started playing around a bit. That bass came at just the right time and really helped to sort me out. I stopped being a Richard and embraced being a Dad! End of 2017 comes round and Id been thinking of trying to start a band when I got a call from a guy I used to play guitar with. I hadn't spoken to him for about 12 years! He asked if I wanted to play bass for his band Señor Fire and I jumped at the chance! Remembering my trip to andertons a few years previous I found an Orange Terror Bass for sale in Bristol and when I got there he also had 2 Bill Fitzmaurice Jack 10 Lites. I grabbed the lot!!! Thanks very much!! Played my first gig with Señor Fire in 2018, had another kid and haven't looked back since. I came across an Orange SP410 cab at the beginning of the year for a bargain although I still can't decide if I prefer the sound of it over the Jacks. Does look cool tho!! I modified it by moving the skids to the side to make it a vertical cab and obviously had to rotate the logo! Shortly after that I bought the Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro with some money my dear Nan left me. We came second in a battle of the bands comp and recently won an award in Alton for best Alt/Grunge act of the year! I can't wait to see what the next decade brings............ Happy New Year fellow bass players Ben P.S If you click on the photo below you can have a listen to my band Señor Fire!
  3. Go on have a listen! Señor Fire - Without You All my parts are recorded with a Thunderbird and Orange Terror Bass
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