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  1. My teeny, ultra lightweight, Fender rumble 100 V3, managed a loud(ish) blues gig in a crowded bar last night. I was very impressed. It was up against drums, keys and a guitarist going through a 50w Sound City head. I was told, by another bassist in the audience, that it had a nice deep low end as well (and the volume wasn't even maxed out).

    I'm very impressed.

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    2. gjones


      Yes I had everything at 12 o'clock, except for the bass knob. No vintage, contour or bright switched on. I have a  500 watt amps and a barefaced compact that I usually use but I have to stand so close to my cab, at this particular bar, that I can't really hear it (it just flaps my trousers).

      The fact that I had it sitting on a wooden floor probably enhanced the bass frequencies.

    3. krispn


      Who's the band and which venue? I'm in Edinburgh too and would be up for checking you guys out  :)


    4. gjones


      I was playing at the Barony bar with a guy called Sandy Tweeddale. It was not a band, as such, he'd put us together just to play the gig (I knew the set as I'd played with him many times previously).

      My everyday band also plays the Barony (The Dana Dixon Band) but they play pretty loud. I may bring the Rumble along next time we play there on May 6th, to see if it can keep up. I usually bring my GK MB500 and Barefaced Compact.

      The only other venues we play are Whistlebinkies and Stramash, where the backline is supplied.


  2. Singer has pneumonia. Myself the guitarist and a dep drummer had to improvise two 45 minute sets tonight. We have gigs on Sat and Sun too. It's going to be an interesting weekend.....

    1. Les


      Great spirit. Your never say die attitude is to be applauded. 

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