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  1. So I got myself a new band!


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    2. Nibody


      I grew up in Coventry in the 70s and 80's surrounded literaly by 2Tone/Ska. Loved listening to it but never learned any as I drifted into classic rock, metal and punk. Then one day a few months ago I had a mad fit and decided to learn some Specials basslines (Gangsters/Too Much Too Young/A Message to you Rudy). Best fun Ive had on a four string ever.

    3. Rich


      Welcome to the skank zone! Playing ska is an absolute hoot. Can't wait to get out there gigging again.

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    4. BassAgent


      Thanks Rich! I've been playing ska for about 15 years now so this is just a *new* ska band for me, not the first :)

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