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  1. Hi guys, nice bass btw! I never actually owned this one but it’s possible Jimmy and I talked and it was made for me with the right of first refusal at that Namm show. That’s what I think may have happened as Jimmy always puts “made for Mitch” etc when it’s clear, this one includes a namm mention. But it does look like the one Paul owned and he confirmed.
  2. Beautiful bass! Pmd. Let me know if it didn’t come through, I’m not on this forum much.
  3. I've finally decided to let this go after much angst over needing to put some funds into other areas of my life:) The only reason this one is going is because it has a fair amount of value. -34" -Alder body -Northern ash top- very rare figured ash -Birdseye maple board -21 frets -One piece maple neck -Custom Fodera dual coils -Custom Fodera bridge (19mm) -Custom Pope flexcore preamp ( Matt Garrison layout) -Ebony dots I am original owner. The bass is a great combo of old school /Fender and Fodera tones due to the wood combo and pups/electronics. Punchy with great fundamental, but lots of clarity for both fingerstyle and slap. Action is really low with no buzz (Fodera pleks all the necks). Lots of versatility for tones from the duals that can be tapped to single coil, and the pre's tone controls. Mint condition, only used in the studio. Comes with mint Fodera hardshell case and all the tools. 2 Years old. Price in US funds will be $5600US , but will deal in pounds if need be. Shipping extra- but I'll ship anywhere. PLEASE contact me at [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email] ....I'll try to log into this site often but email me if you need something asap. Thanks for looking!
  4. May I ask why you are selling it and if you are the original owner? Beautiful bass! Cheers
  5. Wow...my bass originally.. I picked out the woods personally for this one at the shop and it turned out beautifully. Sounds and plays great.... Whoever gets this one will be quite happy. GLWTS
  6. just making sure…are those stripes actually in the finish or are they applied only on top of the finish? Do you know the year?
  7. This is a great 4 that I really do miss. ( nice tone on the recording!) Good luck with the sale too.... Cheers, Mitch
  8. Bump.....open to reasonable offers. Remember this bass has a full Chestnut top and Brazilian rosewood. Even decent figured Chestnut is gone for non full tops....let alone full tops like this one. Brazilian will probebly not be ordered again by Fodera according to Jason due partly to cost...so between these two wood specs alone the instrument is a long- term standout and not a typical Fodera. The upgrades were more than worth it for now and down the road, plus this price already reflects a large savings from the retail cost of those upgrades. Anyone for a for a cash offer no trades?
  9. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1356907209' post='1915103'] I can vouch for Mitch as a top guy with fabulous taste in instruments - I've bought basses from him twice and both were superb! [/quote] Thanks Barrie. This one is on another level..... Hope all is well and I'll get to England soon..I miss it!
  10. Hi Alan, thanks...I dont have a video but its a killer tone machine for sure. The review on the Fodera site in the Newborn section also describes it further. The action is super low...probebly lower than most as this is my preference. Plays wonderfully with the action like that. Fodera is one of the only manufacturers that can accomodate this for me. Of course, if you raise the action its no problem either. If you need to see a pic of the action you can email me at [email protected] I'll send you one. [quote name='Alanbass' timestamp='1356633316' post='1911878'] What a stunning bass. Is it possible to see photos of the bass as it is now with one of the fingerboard to get a better idea of the action on the bass. Do you have any video available? Thanks. Alan [/quote]
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