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  1. On 16/10/2019 at 08:00, Wilco said:

    This is probably a Highway 1. The Highway One models had a Badass fitted. How can that not be clear & not at all confusing! 😆🤪😆

    Nice Bass, especially with the black plate on. GLWTS


    Ive just been told on a different selling platform, by the original owner, that it is a Highway One.
    She changed the bridge herself.
    Just for clarity :)
    I dont know if thats better or worse for me 🤣

  2. 1 hour ago, mrtcat said:

    Only when we have to learn a first dance request - which is rare now that we charge £150 per song to learn. 

    Couldn't be doing with weekly rehearsal.

    Yeh we have started doing the same. 
    It ended up like we were only rehearsing to learn 1 song we would never play again.

  3. If we are in a busy period (April - September) when we are gigging most weeks, we very rarely practice. 
    In the quieter periods we will usually do two a month at a push.
    I think its been mentioned above, but the key is when everyone agrees to learn a song, post the version of the song you intend to learn in the forum of communicating you use (FB, whats app , slack etc), then you have to learn it. Its really that simple. 
    It is for us anyway.
    Guess it means relying on everyone in the band pulling their weight and having trust in each others musical abilities.

  4. This is a Fender precision USA Highway One 

    Made in 2008. 

    Thanks for the info on that Karl. 

    It's in great condition as you can see from the photos. Couple of light blemishes, but really nothing too bad at all. 

    Sounds exactly like you'd expect a P bass to sound! 

    Currently strung with flats. 

    Comes with spare torte pick guard, that I quite like too. 

    Apparently these are meant to come with a different bridge. I don't have the original, only this one. 

    Neck is pretty slim. Definitely not like a baseball bat. 

    Happy for you to come try it out. 

    Can courier, but at the risk of the buyer! 

    Any questions, give me a shout. 










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  5. 2 hours ago, James_Taylor said:

    Hey dude, what’s the back of the neck like on this bass? I’m trying to find another jazz from this era was a spotless neck as most I’ve played have had loads of dings in the back but I love the gloss finish on the back of the neck on this era of jazz bass. Please let me know!

    There is the tiniest dink in the lacquer at around the 12th fret. Its bizarrely in the shape of an 8, and about 8mm in length and 3 mm wide. Its so feint, i cant capture it in a photo. 
    Other than that its great. Certainly not loads of dings.

  6. Fender MIJ Jazz, according to serial number made 1984-1987.
    Pretty sought after period of Jazz basses if you do your research.
    I took this in a trade. I wanted a jazz bass because  i've wanted to like jazz basses. Really wanted to!
    But i dont. So maybe this is for you?

    For a 30ish year old bass its in great condition.
    Ive tried to highlight the marks that are on it by including them in some photos as best as i can. But generally as i said, its in great condition.
    Plenty of life left in the truss rod.
    It comes with an old and used hard Gewa case. Still perfectly functional.
    Also comes with original (i assume) pickguard.
    And the original pickups. I dont know if they work. I was told they do, but ive never tried them, as the Fender noiseless in them work fine!
    Youd be welcome to come to my house and try it through mine or your rig.
    I will post it, but it is at your own risk!
    Any questions, just ask.

    I dont know how to put photos in my post.
    But they are all in this IMGUR folder:


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  7. Traded a bass with Vedran.
    Communication was fast and effective.
    Kept in touch the whole time, and from start to finish i think the whole deal took a week.
    I'd have no issues striking up a deal with Vedran again.

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