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  1. Drinking too much on a week night isn't big or clever...

    I need to curl up under my desk as sleep for the rest of the day...

    1. Dem Jolie-blues

      Dem Jolie-blues

      We have a store full of large sheets of spongy foam at work,  clock in,  head down, appear in time for lunch  ...

    2. acidbass


      Used to do this all the time!  I found I didn't get so much sick as I did cranky/irritable the next day.  I guess I wasn't too much fun to work with!  Knocked it in the head last year and it was the best thing I ever did.

    3. bartelby


      I was down at our other office with my manager. So we went out with colleagues. 8:15pm my manager said "one more for the road. back at the hotel by 9?". everyone agreed. We then got talking about favourite bands/albums/gig. Got back to the hotel just after midnight, after 3 more "one for the roads". My manager, she's a bad influence...

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