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  1. This was a lock down project purchase last year, however other than 5 minutes on taking delivery I have never used it and don't think I will be using it as not playing much of anything at the moment.

    Decent review here: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/mahalo-mlg1-lap-steel-569791


    The lapsteel comes with a SHUBB SP2 Tonebar which retails at over £20 and didnt come with the lapsteel originally..

    The Mahalo MLG1 Lap Steel has a rendered surfboard shaped Basswood body. 

    A raised chrome bridge and top nut are connected by heavy gauge strings. 

    A single P-90 style single coil pickup wired to a volume and tone control.

    The Mahalo can be used on the lap or on the three telescopic legs, it also comes with a padded gigbag.

    Basswood body
    Diecast chrome tuning heads
    Single-coil soap-bar pickup
    1-Volume, 1-Tone control
    Chrome bridge
    Gloss finish
    Includes gig bag
    MLGS50 Stand (with bag)

    The price includes delivery.


    preview (1).jpg

    preview (2).jpg

    preview (3).jpg


  2. I brought this earlier in the year direct from Ashdown and got them to add the custom grille.  Looks great and offers some protection to the cones.



    I bought this to keep myself entertained during lockdown but haven’t really used it as I continue to practice with headphones and on the odd occasions through my Little bastard.  My music streaming is taken care of by other means also.

    The combo is great, sounds tiptop, much bigger than its dimensions.  Comes with a wireless receiver for wireless play and Bluetooth music streaming.  Also has two inputs and can be used for guitar and bass.

    it comes with the box and packaging as well as rechargeable wireless transmitter and power cable, usb cable and 3.5mm cable. No instructions but they are available online.

    This will be sent by 24hr insured courier.  Hopefully get to you in time for Christmas.






  3. Is the Hooky bass a proper limited edition?  

    The original talk was that it was available in small numbers but heard nothing since.  

    won’t get away with this purchase so close to the 25th, Just hope it’s still around in the new year!  

  4. Should be working but just wondered if it would be possible or worthwhile to use an active tv soundbar with a multi effects unit.

    I have a helix stomp that I would like to use in a  desktop configuration,, was considering active monitors but dont quite have the room, I was wondering if a soundbar sat below my computer monitor would be a viable option?


  5. Recently acquired BR800 multi-track recorder in excellent condition, using it as a headphone amp as it has effects and drums onboard.  

    It also acts as a computer interface so can get access to the effects I have on my DAW too and this is part of the reason for me selling it, I predominantly use the Line6 effects I have in garageband so will be looking to downgrade to a basic audio interface.

    The unit comes with original packaging and manual and power cable and usb cable.

    Postage will be fully insured and cost £10.

    BOSS continues its top-selling tradition of portable, affordable multi-trackers with the new BR-800 — a battery-powered studio to go. The sleek new design is made possible by touch-sensor switches and SD-card recording media. Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously with eight tracks of simultaneous playback plus an additional stereo track dedicated to the built-in rhythm generator. The BR-800’s powerful onboard effects processor includes GT-10/10B effects, VE-20 vocal effects and harmonies, and COSM-based acoustic-guitar body modeling. EZ Recording feature interactively guides through the recording process. A stereo microphone is also built into the BR-800 for instant “Song Sketch” recording. No matter where you roam, you’ll never miss a moment of musical inspiration with the BR-800.

    The BR800 Features:

    4-track simultaneous recording, 8-track simultaneous playback plus dedicated stereo rhythm track playback

    EZ Recording interactively guides through the recording process

    Powerful guitar, bass, and vocal effects derived from BOSS’s flagship processors

    Song Sketch recording for quick stereo capture in WAV format

    Built-in advanced drum machine with editor software

    Functions as a USB audio interface and DAW control surface

    Built-in stereo condenser microphone for instant recording

    Sleek new interface based on touch sensors

    SD included (supports up to 32GB SDHC card)

    Runs on six AA batteries/USB bus power/AC adaptor (included)











  6. Excellent bass with the fit and finish expected of the Classic Vibe range.  Selling because I bought one of the Fender Electron Green precision’s and I am a little over subscribed.

    This is essentially a brand new bass,bought it, played it for 5 minutes a couple of months back and it has been in a hanger since then.

    Price is for collection, courier would be £25.










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  7. Selling my Blackstar BEAM practice combo  in excellent like new condition. Great practice unit for home use, decent Bluetooth music player too used sparingly.

    The unit is designed for bass, electric and acoustic guitars.  It comes with two bass specific effects on board, envelope and distortion.

    it is also a fully functional audio interface.

    Only selling as I replaced with an Ashdown unit.

    unit is like new, £125 includes delivery.











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