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  1. I bought the bass pack for my Pod HD and finally tried it out this week. Loaded the SVT normal amp with the Big ampeg cabinet - default settings. Stuck a studio comp in front (again - default settings) and a drive (can’t remember which one! But I had to lower the output to get a nice drive boost when switched on without sounding too gritty). So drive -> comp -> SVT -> D.I. into mixer. It sounded awesome! so much better than the old setting I had and well worth the spend. I’ve not had chance to try the HX Stomp our yet but for now I’ll stick with the very impressive sounding pod sounds. Also, that was into a cheap 15” monitor for foldback - looking forward to trying it with my new dual driver IEM’s!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Thanks for your comments. I’ve just been reading you old post from 2016ish when you got yours! I think buying the bass pack for $30 is a no brainier before I fork out for a HX stomp. Our guitarist has just ordered the stomp so I’ll see if I can A/B the Sansamp model with the Pod HD bass pack after Christmas when I get the chance!
  4. I’m listening to mainly Christmas stuff, but I do like looking for something a little different. This is my fave Christmas album at the moment (don’t judge!) https://youtu.be/XcGECupEX2c
  5. Here are all the basses I’ve played since 1994ish! 1. Ibanez Roadstar II - it was far too heavy for me at 14 years old 2. Dean PJ (Edge?) - much lighter to play and I played it weekly for about 10 years. It was battered and bruised and covered in stickers and I kept the same set of strings on it for the first 8 years! Gave it away for someone to learn on. 3. Yamaha RBX270 - Borrow this one from my dad to try it out. Nice bass but uninspiring to play. 4. Yamaha RBX374 - wanted more punch so went active! Kept it for a couple of years but just felt ‘meh’. Got bored and sold it. Sick of swapping batteries! 5. Squire Classic Vibe Jazz - bought here on basschat. Fell in love with it. Swapped out the control plate for an S1. Glad I went back to passive! Not planning on changing it any time soon. So there you have it. Nothing expensive. The CV was £200 used. Now amp and effects, well that’s a different story...
  6. Hey @Frank Blank - that’s a nice offer to try yours out, but I’m a bit of a trek from you in Lincolnshire!
  7. Thanks - I’ll check it out! Just curious, as we have the same setup, what cab do you use? (I’ve got a neo 1x15)
  8. Does that mean you have the bass expansion pack? I don’t have it so only had the flip top amp to play with! Maybe I should download that first!
  9. That’s good to know, it was the scooped sound that put me off the M80. I’ll take a look at the ashdown pedal too - never seen that one before.
  10. I’ve been away from bass for a few years playing drums so though I’d re-post! I play in a Praise & Worship band in Louth, Lincolnshire and tend to play whatever is needed as the band changes... so bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar or sing! We now have a new drummer so I’m back to bass for a while! I play a Squire Classic Vibe Jazz (first version) which I’ve modified with an American Jazz S1 control plate. Into an Ashdown Klystron 500 head with an Ashdown Neo 1x15” cab.
  11. Hey guys first day posting since 2015 after a hiatus from bass (been playing drums for a while). I’m now back to bass and considering selling my amp and downsizing to a smaller pedalboard. We now run in ears for the band so I’m thinking of ditching the amp going DI only. I normally play a SQUIER CV Jazz into Ashdown Klystron 500 with no other effects. I use the valve drive on the amp and the built in compressor (although I’d like a compressor with more control). So basically I need a valve drive sound, a compressor and a decent amp sim. I’m thinking either a Helix stomp or a mini board with a sansamp, drive pedal and maybe an MXR compressor? (I used to have a MXR M80 and hated the overdrive sound). I already have a HD500X which I use for guitar but have never really been happy with the sound for bass. Possibly this is down to my IEM’s though ?!? I use SE215’s or MEE Audio M6 Pros so both single driver. Any suggestions welcome!
  12. What’s their user ID? I though Wizard pickups were gone for good - interested in speaking to them about replacing the stock pickups in my CV Jazz.
  13. Yamaha AC3R looks great, but I can't find one anywhere near my price range! AC1 going on Ebay but seems to use same preamp as cpx500 - is it a much better guiitar?
  14. I believe the naked series has a very thin lacquer rather than the glossy varnish you get on the higher models? I'll take a look at the other yamahas aswell.
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