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  1. Hi there guys! Last Sunday I was listening to the classic (Yes, I feel old using the word "classic" for albums that I remembered being released when I was younger ) Metallica album "Load" from mid 90s, and realized I never sat myself to learn some of the lines of that album even if spent my good time learning tunes from other records from Metallica. So I decided to grab my bass and play along a bit taking the chance to record a little video as well. This one for the bass intro of "King Nothing" is what came out. Thanks to the guy who uplodaded to bassless backing track I am using to YouTube, and thanks to anyone watching here too. Greetings!
  2. Hi there bass colleagues, how´s everything going? I´ve been uploading a couple of videos playing some basslines from The Cure including tabs on screen that got mild traction on YouTube over the last months with guys asking for more tunes from the band, so looking for a new song to put my hands on I found this tune I will admit I wasn´t paying that much attention before, but has a couple of fun lines (easy to play but important for the song so I figured ut they would be a good choice to cover in this case) I hope you guys like it, as always thanks for watching.
  3. Hi there bass fellas! Short video of me giving an attempt at learning this funk classic. For some reason I never sat to play this one even if I obviously knew it for a long a time. Hearing it as a background tune in a video made me remember I still had that one as a pending assignment, so here I am doing my best to play it Hope it sounds OK at least, thanks a lot for listening as always! Greetings!
  4. Hi there guys! Just sharing the latest cover I recorded for my channel, hope you like it! Greetings!
  5. Hi there low frequency fellas. I recently sat and put myself to make one more of this type of videos I actually shared here before. This is some sort of compilation playing around some basslines for a couple of tunes from a band that despite not being so famous their bass work, was always amongst my favorites for various reasons: Pink Floyd. It all started since sometime ago I got a pack of backing tracks that were pretty well done and couldn´t resist myself to give them a try, and in the process found out some of them were a bit more interesting than I expected to jam along. The only one I had to program drums myself was "Let There Be More Light" which is some sort of a deeper cut than the rest of the tunes which are pretty well known, but I wanted to include anyway. Probably the biggest miss here is "Hey You" which is originally played with a fretless bass and frankly couldn´t make it to sound decent enough with my regular Jazz Bass (I don´t have a fretless ) Well, that is about it. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts about anything related to the video. Thanks for listening/watching!
  6. Morley Classic Wah, the rest is plug-ins from the PC. If I am not wrong they are emulating a Fuzzface, a Tubescreamer and a JMP head/cabinet.
  7. Hi there low frequency fellas. These last days I tried to get my hands at learning this famous bass solo piece, and since I am not so accostumed to play with this amount of distortion/pedals, etc. I thought it would be nice to share what came out of the recording so maybe I can get some feedback in the tone in particular... (Although overall feedback on other stuff like playing is welcome too, my doubts fall more on the tone side) I kinda know this is meant to be played with a Fuzz pedal, maybe a Tubescreamer-live overdrive for mids-boost, a Marshall-like amp/cabinet and a Wah for the freq filtering, but am I missing something extra? Listening again at what I recorded I believe I put too much gain somewhere on the chain but I am not sure if it was on the amp or the pedals, so maybe if one of you tried once to get closer to this tone your advice might come handy. Anyway, thanks for watching/listening. Any comments might be helpful. Greetings!
  8. Hi there, low frequency colleagues. I gave an attempt to a very old U2 tune, from their early era (their first album most precisely). Their first 2 albums are often overlooked by regular listeners but in my opinion Adam put a bunch of easy but yet fun/interesting lines to go along like this one (probably influenced by the so-called "New Wave Sound" of late 70s / early 80s). As I´ve been doing for these cover videos I also included complete on-screen TABS of what I am playing on the video, for those interested to follow the video with instrument in hand. Thanks a lot for watching, feel free to share any thoughts on the tune, the video or recommendations here. Greetings!
  9. Hi there guys, let me share with you my take on this jazz classic. Yes, I know this one is not played with a regular electric bass but why not? (Or maybe I should say "So What", no pun intended) I found a nice backing track for this tune so I decided to have some fun with it, and since a couple of guys following my YouTube channel ask for tabbed videos or explanatory stuff every now and then I thought this was the perfect occasion to try something with a genre I don´t usually post. So I hope you enjoy it, thanks a lot for listening/watching!
  10. Hi there bass fellas. This is just me trying to pay some homage to one of the most remembered contributions that bassist Jason Newsted made to Metallica while he was in the band. As Jason himself stated in many interviews, his original idea was to develop these bass sections into a later full instrumental studio track. We all know that didn´t happen since the song "My Friend Of Misery" included in the multi-platinum selling album "Metallica/The Black Album" was recorded with lyrics by James Hetfield as usual; but nevertheless Jason had the actual chance to perform this song live many times in live shows/tours presenting it to the people in a closer way to his original idea. What I am playing here is actually a similar version of his fully instrumental take on this tune, close to what you can hear in multiple live shows, most notably the live show in San Diego ´92 / ("Live Sh*t Binge And Purge" Album). I also included On-Screen TABS of what I´m playing in case some of the fellow bassists here want to follow the video with instrument-in-hand and they might come handy. Thanks in advance for watching/listening!
  11. Hi there guys, just sharing my cover of on the most interesting basslines Sting put in his days as The Police´s bassist (TABS included) Other than the unusual timing (a long rest and the first notes accenting off-beats) is not a really complicated line to play, but it adds so much flavour to the tune, so I guess it deserves love when choosing songs to cover. I hope you like how it came and don´t mind the little improvisations in the middle which are obviously not included in the original. Greetings!
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