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  1. Hi there guys, let me share with you my take on this jazz classic. Yes, I know this one is not played with a regular electric bass but why not? (Or maybe I should say "So What", no pun intended) I found a nice backing track for this tune so I decided to have some fun with it, and since a couple of guys following my YouTube channel ask for tabbed videos or explanatory stuff every now and then I thought this was the perfect occasion to try something with a genre I don´t usually post. So I hope you enjoy it, thanks a lot for listening/watching!
  2. Hi there bass fellas. This is just me trying to pay some homage to one of the most remembered contributions that bassist Jason Newsted made to Metallica while he was in the band. As Jason himself stated in many interviews, his original idea was to develop these bass sections into a later full instrumental studio track. We all know that didn´t happen since the song "My Friend Of Misery" included in the multi-platinum selling album "Metallica/The Black Album" was recorded with lyrics by James Hetfield as usual; but nevertheless Jason had the actual chance to perform this song live many times in live shows/tours presenting it to the people in a closer way to his original idea. What I am playing here is actually a similar version of his fully instrumental take on this tune, close to what you can hear in multiple live shows, most notably the live show in San Diego ´92 / ("Live Sh*t Binge And Purge" Album). I also included On-Screen TABS of what I´m playing in case some of the fellow bassists here want to follow the video with instrument-in-hand and they might come handy. Thanks in advance for watching/listening!
  3. Hi there guys, just sharing my cover of on the most interesting basslines Sting put in his days as The Police´s bassist (TABS included) Other than the unusual timing (a long rest and the first notes accenting off-beats) is not a really complicated line to play, but it adds so much flavour to the tune, so I guess it deserves love when choosing songs to cover. I hope you like how it came and don´t mind the little improvisations in the middle which are obviously not included in the original. Greetings!
  4. Hi there fellas, hope you are doing fine. I´m here to share another bass backing track for a popular Funk classic: "Pick Up The Pieces" by Average White Band. I assume most of you are familiar with the tune so you might want to skip the little 1:00 minute demonstration at the beggining, but in the rare case you don´t know the tune I included a little jam example before the actual backing track starts. Hope this is useful for anybody. Have fun.
  5. A while ago I made a video playing a compilation of basslines from The Cure, and since I left out of the video the song "Fascination Street", a lot of people who actually saw that first video asked me to play that tune too, since it´s a very iconic bassline amongst the band´s discography. So in response to those comments (some of them included in the video) I grabbed my bass yesterday and recorded it too, including tabs of what I play as usual. Hope you enjoy it, Greetings!
  6. A bass solo in a mainstream pop song is not something you see everyday so I guess it´s just right to pay respects to the few times that rare sighting happens. One of the cases I can think of is this classic Sade tune, which I tried to give a go with my bass some time ago. I tried to go with the flow in the 2nd part improvising a bit, but for those interested in a further listen there is a Live Version included in a DVD from a show in San Diego which actually has an extended solo that sounds even cooler than the studio version. I tried to find a longer backing track to play along to that longer solo version but couldn´t find one, so I sticked to the standard short version from the album. I hope you enjoy it. Greetings!
  7. There might be some resemblance, although there is more variety if you go through their discogrpahy. I just picked up a bunch of basslines where the bass is definitely relavant to the soing doubling a guitar riff or going along with drum accents, etc. Their last album (which I didn´t take a single tune from in this compilation) has a pretty different style, even the bass tone is different. Recommended listen as a band, anyways. Or at that would be my opinion. Thanks for watching!
  8. Hi there low frequency fellas, hope you are doing fine. I had some free time last weekend and made use of that to record another video for my YouTube channel. I gave a quick run over some songs from this well known band I have been listening for quite a while, although I never sat myself to learn any of their songs before. Arguably simple lines overall, but damn fun to jam around. The last time I did something similar to this with the basslines of other band I also included the tabs of what I am playing and some guys said they were thankful for that, so I took some extra time and did that again. I hope you find this video enjoyable or useful. Of course, feel free to share any thoughts about it here. Thanks a lot for watching!
  9. Just sharing my take on the basslines Tim Commerford put on this one. Probably not the most remembered part of his work (RATM tunes get way more covers done than the Audioslave era), but there are still a lot of fun songs to have a go from these 3 albums he made with this band. Leaving the tabs as well for those who are interested in checking out the notes played Greetings and thanks for watching/listening!
  10. You are welcome! I have a bunch more of these, and though I´m very likely to share them here as well if I have some time to make them available in the forum, you can check them in my YouTube channel. In fact I have other Bass Backing tracks stored in my PC I should upload someday as well Have fun practicing!
  11. Hi there guys! Some days ago I realized there wasn´t a single backing track just for bass uploaded on YouTube for this well known funk track, and since I had one on my PC I figured out it could be useful for many bass players looking to practice this classic bassline or just jam along with it to share it on the web. So here it is. I also dared to upload a little jam example over the BT at the beggining in the rare case someone doesn´t know it and wants to listen a bit before putting hands on it. In case you know the song you can obviously skip that part and save yourself from seeing my cheap bass, under-average playing and not-so-pretty face, lol. Being serious again, I hope this comes handy for anyone looking to practice. Thanks a lot for watching/listening!
  12. Ok, thanks. I will give it a read. So far I´m rockin´ the 2.3.1 version and will check if the update improves something for me. Greetings!
  13. Just sharing this take on the final part of this Daft Punk classic (I know it´s originally played with a synth, but I traslated it to bass to make it more interesting ) Thanks for listening!
  14. Hi there guys, just sharing this bassless backing track for one of the most recurrent tunes for guys getting into slap. I hope it comes handy for anyone looking for practice tracks to move that thumb Greetings!
  15. I might partially agree with the general idea of trying to take advantage of the physical language as an extra way to convey the emotions that the notes alone can´t on their own; but I can´t help to say this video is EXTREMELY long and over-edited for the sole purpose of basically telling bass colleagues to smile, move around and look like they are enjoying the play. Nevertheless if I see I very proficient and technical player that does stuff miles ahead of what I can do, chances are I´m going to respect him and have fun watching him play no matter is he keeps a steady face staring at the ground all the show. John Myung comes to mind as an example. The guy barely moves, smiles, makes eye contact whatsoever with teammates or the audience, (let alone speak) while performing; but his craft has been top-world-class-quality for decades and I wouldn´t dare to roast him just over the fact he looks like a robot sometimes.
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