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  1. I agree. Il comes with rounds btw. I've added a SC link to the first post.
  2. Sorry, je n'avais pas vu ta question. Non, je ne suis pas sur le groupe de BT, en revanche je suis sur le site OnlyBass sous le même nom.
  3. Yes I've made a copy/paste from the Bill Nash web site. Here is my personal file below wich is in french language. The width is 41mm, a perfect mix between old school's PBs and JBs Marque Nash Guitars Modèle PB-63 Nbre de cordes 4 Année de fabrication 2020 (achat 2021) N° de série LG 208 Coloris Sherwood Green Finition Nitocellulosique - Medium Aged Pickguard Tortoise 3 plis Corps Aulne / Alder Manche Maple / Erable Touche Palissandre / Rosewood Diapason 34" Radius 10" Profil C Largeur au sillet 41mm Sillet Graphite Auto-Lub Espacement des cordes 19mm Nbre de frets 20 (6105 nickel) Micros Lollar Electronique Passive - Vol. Ton. 250K CTS pots Sprague Orange Drop Capa Préampli Non Chevalet Vintage Classic Mécaniques Gotoh Res O Lite Vintage Poids 3,8kg
  4. Hello PB's lovers (and the others 😉) FS/FT here's my Nash PB 63 bought new at the beginning of the year (January 2021, invoice available) from the french importer Centrale Guitars in Paris. The finish is Sherwood Green Medium Aged It is as I bought it, in perfect condition. Here are the specs: PB63 Sherwood Green Medium Aged RW Body Wood: Alder Neck Wood: Maple, w/ Rosewood Fingerboard Features: Single Adjustment Truss Rod w/ Heel Adjust Rolled Fingerboard Edges Frets: 20, 6105 Nickel Nut Material: Graphite Self Lubricating Nut Width: 1 5/8 Neck Shape: Medium C Shape - 10" Radius Bridge: Vintage Traditional w/ Steel Saddles Headstock: Vintage Correct Tuners: Gotoh Vintage Pickguard: 3 Ply Tortoise Electronics: Volume, Tone, (250K CTS pots Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, Switchcraft Jacks) Knobs: Aged Pickups: Lollar Handwound Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer Softbag : SKB I can send by Chronopost easily in EU (FOC) The price is 1800€/£1550 (new: 2700€) Fell free to contact me for more details or exchange proposal (but 5S only) The link for images: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmTYnE9h Some sound samples:
  5. Wow, such a beauty ! Is it a 35" or 34" ? What a pity that you are not interested in a trade
  6. Hi everyone, FS/FT, a beautiful Mike Lull NRT-5 (NRT for Non Reverse Thunderbird) It was made in oct-2013 This was one of the favorite models of Mike Lull who was a fan of the Gibson Thunderbird and who worked on a non reverse body in order to erase the imbalance of the regular T-Birds. It's a custom handmade model wich has, moreover, the peculiarity and the rarity of offering a 34" scale and a mahogany body in red finish. The back of the neck (also mahogany with graphite reinforcements) is mat. The pickups are, of course, homemade by the boss. The bass comes in a custom made G&G case, the interior matches the hue of the bass. It's a magnificent work of art in addition to being a huge rockin' machine ! I'd say, for cars lovers, Mike Lull's T-Bird is to Gibson what Carroll Shelby's Mustang is to Ford ! It's a passive obviousely, the sting spacing is 18mm and the nut width is 45mm. The weight is 4,1kg. It comes with Dunlop straplocks + one in the back for more confortable use. I can ship in Europe FOC Feel free to contact me for more details. Open for trades, just try me Here's a link to a pictures album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPXt81F
  7. Hi, Could you precise the weight of this bass please ?
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